Saturday, June 29, 2013

Confessions and Needed Advice

So, I have a few confessions to make and was also hoping for some much needed advice. So here you have it!


Ella still drinks her milk from a bottle. You heard it right, from a bottle. I have tried to give her milk in her sippy cup so many times, but she will NOT have anything to do with it. I am really struggling with this because I know she should not still have a bottle for milk, but she will guzzle three, 9 ounce bottles a day in her bottle. In her cup, ZERO! I feel like I am depriving her of her milk and it makes me feel sad that she won't get it.

When I was at But Buy Baby today, I purchased Ella 6 more chupes. Why? I don't know. Just incase we happen to lose the 25+ chupes we have at home. What is my problem? Again, I am struggling with this because I know she feels so secure when she has one. I hate to take that away from her. She only gets it in the car and for sleep, so at least we are on the right track. I just don't feel ready to give it up yet! I need help.

Ella has become a super difficult eater as of late. I am doing what I said I would NEVER do, which is feed Ella pieces of food around the house, as well as let her graze on food throughout the day around the house. I hate that I do this. Not only does she make a mess and there are crumbs everywhere, but I am teaching her a super bad habit. She will eat it if I feed it to her, but sitting at the table lately has become a nightmare. Most nights for dinner, within seconds of me placing her plate down, she gives her all done sign and says, "all done, out"! But she WILL sit on Jose's lap and finish her plate. Why do we allow this?! Worst parents ever!

In an effort to help me feed her everything she needs, and to also give her more variety, I purchased this plate thinking it might help.

Just to get an idea of what I feed her for dinner, it is always what we are eating as well as added items. Last night I made a potato, broccoli, and chicken dish. She hardly touched her food and the only thing that was eaten was her fruit. I swear she would eat only fruit if she could. I'm struggling with what I should feed her, and if I should be worrying so much that she isn't eating tons. HELP ME!


Jose and I have been talking a lot about when we should begin to potty train Ella. She is showing a few major signs she's ready.

She is staying dry for long periods of time and during naps and nighttime sleep.

She tells me when she's gone poo poo or if she has a very wet diaper she says poo poo. She still doesn't say pee pee though!

She asks to go on the potty, but will just sit there and laugh. It's bad. During her bath she will ask to go poo poo and point to the potty like 5 times. I think she's just messing with us, and guess what? We fall for it every time!

So, with all of that being said, I feel like she is ready, but it's a little(lot) scary to think about starting. A few of my friends who have been through it had the most success when they followed a consistant model and stuck with it for several days. I feel like it you "kinda" potty train, it takes much longer for them to learn how to use the potty EVERY time. Did we already do this by letting her go on the potty some of the time? Is she confused?

I also feel like it's a perfect time to try because I am off for the summer and am home every day. My next break won't be until November for Thanksgiving, and that's only a week. What should we do? When did you start potty training?

I'd love any thoughts, ideas, suggestions! Thanks for listening. 


  1. You have issues! Just kidding!!! Everything Ella is going through is normal and you are awesome parents because you are researching, seeking advice, trying new are trying! It takes time for all of these things and you can't change all at once. Focus on one thing for a few weeks--maybe the bottle. Have Ella pick out a new cup but tell her it's only for milk. Maybe a sticker chart? I think she likes stickers! :) reward her when she drinks milk from her cup with a sticker. If the chart works use it for dinner/table behavior next. Jackson had a few charts going at one point. Lol!!! My blog has a potty party post from Nov. 2010. Read it and then read that book a couple months before you start training. Good luck!!! She is adorable, healthy, happy, and smart--you both are doing it all right!! Xo

    1. Thanks girl! Your comment means a lot. I think the sticker chart is the perfect idea. I keep you posted!!

    2. I will keep you posted!!