Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Morning of Fun!

This morning Ella and I headed over to her favorite little buddies house for a morning of fun. Ella just loves to play. Add a buddy to the mix and she is one happy little Be. Dono and Ella have been friends since they were born, and I have loved watching their little friendship evolve. They are just so sweet together and they get along so well. It also gives Megs and I a chance to catch up and visit. It doesn't get much better than that! 

Here are a few sweet picks from their morning. They just melt my heart!

Ella absolutely loves Dono's work bench. She heads right for it when she comes in the house. Maybe we should've gotten her one of these instead of her kitchen!

I brought over some coffee and a treat(lemon loaf) for the littles and they loved it!

Ella loves to give abrazos(hugs)! I was dying over how cute they were hugging today. This one is a keeper. Maybe we can duplicate it 15 years from now. Now that would be even cuter! And Dono's sweet little hands wrapped around her is just so precious. They are so sweet.

Megs and Dustin have the perfect little playroom in their garage. Ella was OBSESSED with the slide. Donovan was so gentle with her and he loved sharing all his fun toys with her. She is pretty lucky to have such a sweet friend!

They zoomed around outside for a bit

and played with some chalk of course!

After about 3 hours of playing hard, they decided to take a break while Auntie Megs made Ella and Dono lunch. Dono was having a very relaxing time until Ella invaded his space. You can see his excitement. We thought it was pretty sweet!

A lovely prayer before lunch.

And then it was time to go! Someone needed a nap desperatley(it was 1:00!) and was beginning to fall apart. Once we got home, she had a few more snacks, a quick bottle, and Be was off to bed. 

Thanks for such a wonderful day Megs and Dono. We love coming over and spending time with you both. Let's do it again soon!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Good Laugh

Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Ella heads over to Cori's(Titi's) for the day. Ella has been with Cori since she was 4 months old, and they have an unbelievable bond. Cori has three boys, Carter, Peyton, and Mason whom Ella is in complete awe of. She loves them as if they were her own brothers and they are just so sweet to her it warms my heart.

Last year Ella was the only child Cori cared for. This year, a new little, Brielle,  joined Ella and they absolutely adore each other. She can't wait to see baby B each week.

Not only is Ella surrounded by the boys and Brielle, but Cori's house is always filled with all the neighborhood kids. She loves it and is always the center of attention!

As you can imagine, Ella loves arriving to Titi's, and can't wait to get in on all the action. Here she is at drop off. She can't get out of the car fast enough and is on her way!

As you can see, she doesn't seem to mind that Mama is leaving for the day. She hardly waved and blew me a kiss without even looking at me!

Lately, Ella throws a complete fit when I come to pick her up. If she is outside when I come to get her, she usually runs inside OR throws whatever is in her hands and throws a complete fit. If she is inside, well..... I'll let the video do the talking.

Her face is priceless when she sees me, I think because she thought I was one of the boys and she was excited. Then she realized it was me and let the tantrum begin. Her tantrums usually only last a minute, then she is back to herself and ready to go. She walks out to the car perfectly happy and we're on our way home.

At first it made me kinda sad, but then I realized I wouldn't want it any other way. Do I want her screaming for me when I leave, NO THANK YOU!

I am so grateful Ella is in a safe and loving environment all day, and that she LOVES Cori and the boys. At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

Thank you Cori for taking such wonderful care of our sweet be and for loving her as if she were your own.