Sunday, January 22, 2017

Our Little Tiger!

We've got a Kindergartener!

In late August, this sweet girl started Kinder, at MY school. So much has happened since then...........
We've had spirit days, flag salutes, assemblies, field trips, and so much more. 

Here she is on orientation night. We always invite parents the Thursday before school starts to meet the teacher, and for the kiddos to see their classroom, and get familiar with their new surroundings. 

Ell was really excited for her first day, and couldn't wait to head out the door to start her day! 

Waiting to head inside. 

A lunchtime visit from Mom,

and a quick pic with Mom on our first day of school!

I love seeing her out on the playground in the mornings, and I'm so grateful for the many watchful eyes I have around our beautiful school campus. 

She's had two amazing field trips already, one to Balboa Theatre for the symphony, 

and the other to Safari Park! She is a weekly regular to Safari Park(Thanks Mom!), so you can imagine how excited she was to show her class around. Gigi came too, which made it extra special!

At our school, each class has adopted a college to represent. Our goal is to create a college bound culture for our students, where they can envision themselves one day attending a university. 

So, of course we had to purchase some fun Montana State gear to wear on Fridays to represent her class College! Ella's teacher attended Montana State, and she loves being twins with Mrs. S. 

It's also a great chance for her to sneak in some pink!(We're a uniform school.)

Crazy Hair Day!

Sweet friends greet Ella every morning when she arrives, and I always have at least two buddies in my classroom each morning waiting for their bell to ring. 

One of our 5th grade teachers is an amazing artist, and he painted these Toms for Ella. She was beyond excited, and loves sporting her custom kicks.

We've had a few fun assemblies too,

an exciting school carnival, 

and flag salutes where she's called up for meeting her reading and math goals!

We've had the BEST first half of Kinder, and I know it's only going to get better. She is learning more and more every day, and it is simply amazing to see. Having her attend the same school I teach at has been such a blessing. I feel so lucky to have the position I have(I've been a TOSA-Teacher on Special Assignment for 7 years), where I can walk by her classroom and see her engaged in her learning, or participating in her engineering class, visiting the library, or watch her be recognized for all the amazing things she's accomplishing. 

I couldn't imagine her being anywhere else! 

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

San Carlos, MX

My Dad and Deb have a beautiful home on the amazing Sea of Cortez in Mexico, where they graciously invite us each summer.  Jose and I traveled there before we were married, and spent many wonderful summers soaking up the hot sun, warm waters, and delicious food! We finally decided it was time for Ell to witness the beauty, and headed down last Summer. Our trip was amazing for so many reasons, but mainly because of the memories we made together, as a family. 

Welcome to San Carlos, MX!

Our first few days were unbelievable! The weather was perfect(well, for us. It was over 100 degrees), and the water was warm(hello jellies and stingrays!)

Look at that water? So clear and no waves! This little water girl was in heaven!

Each morning you could see dolphin pods swimming and enjoying the beauty of the sea.

Most of our afternoons you could find us at a local restaurant, enjoying some yummy chips and guac,  tacos, and a refreshing cocktail. Ell had no problem settling right in!

Everyone always asks me where Ell gets her curls, and no one ever believes how curly I really am! It was so nice to slip on a bathing suit each morning, grab a dress, and not have to worry about my hair every day. My kind of vacation.

Here we are, sun-kissed and oh so happy!

By Day 3, a hurricane decided to visit Cabo, and we were in for some crazy weather too. The water took a turn for the worst, and the clouds came rolling in. 

But guess what? That didn't stop us from heading out to the pool!

Such a rough life! I hope she realizes how lucky she is!

We had such an amazing week, and are already planning our next visit! We feel so fortunate to have a place where so many amazing memories are made. 

Until next time San Carlos, Adios!

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