Monday, April 29, 2013

April Recap!

It's so hard for me to believe that May is only a few days away. For an educator, May signifies so many things. Most importantly, it means the end of the school year is near! 

April was a super busy month for us and it also brought us much sadness. On Wednesday, April 17th, we lost our sweet Mischa girl. Jose and I got her when we had been dating for about two years. Jose lived at home until we were married, so Mischa lived with him, his parents, and his Sis. Once we were married, we decided to leave Mischa at his house, because of the unbreakable bond Jose's Dad shared with her. She was a very special member of our family, and she is missed every day. We love you sweet girl, and know you are playing with Mee Mee and Tiff in Heaven. We will see you again! 

Jose was in one of his best friends wedding, a few days later, so it was a good distraction for the entire family. It was wonderful celebrating with family and friends on the beautiful USD campus. They were married in the unbelievable Immaculata Parish. It was such a beautiful mass and we were so honored to be part of their special day. Congrats Ana y Victor. We love you!

We also had a very special visit from my dearest friend Kirsten and her daughter Madeline and son Theo. The girls are just so sweet together and Ella loved meeting Theo. He was such a good little man the whole time, and just sat on my lap contently when I held him. It made me miss the early months when Ella was just a little Be. I know these three will always have a special bond. Just like their Mama and me!

Ella's Gigi(my Mom) has been taking her to Safari Park every Tuesday when she watches her. She has LOVED every minute, and absolutely loves spending time with her Gigi. My Mom said she is getting more and more familiar with the animals, and each time she enjoys it even more. I can't wait to spend many summer days at the park together. Thanks Gigi for taking such good care of our Be. We are so lucky to have you.

My nephew, Garin, recently got a cell phone for emergencies. Well lately emergencies have been lots of texts and some FaceTime chats with Ell. They are so cute, and Ella just loves her cousins. Gar is a lot like his Auntie and has the biggest, sweetest, most sensitive heart. Getting sweet text messages from him just warms my heart. I love you buddy!

This weekend felt so much like Summer. It was absolutely beautiful out, so we soaked up as much sun as we could! On Saturday, Jose and Ella went over to his parents to visit for a few hours. Once they returned home, we had a very relaxing afternoon playing with Ella's water table and taking many walks/rides on her trike. We grilled some yummy filets for dinner, and called it a night fairly early.

Sunday we spent the morning at the park. Ella loves the outdoors and played super hard for a few hours. She was obsessed with the sand, her truck(thanks Grandpa Doug and Deb), and her shovels. At about 10:15, she said,  "go Mama", and pointed to the car. We love how she can now tell us when she's done. Before she would just give us her done sign, now she uses her words! We love it and I cannot wait for more words to come. 

 After her too short of a nap, we headed to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. I had the genius idea that we should take Ella to see all the beautiful flowers because she is OBSESSED with flowers. She picks them any chance she gets. Well.... not so genius Mom. Let's take the girl who loves to pick flowers, to a place filled with beautiful flowers that you CANNOT pick!! She was not a happy girl. In some of the pics below you can see her crossing the green tape. That was a big no, no! So were all the flowers she picked. Sorry Flower Fields. We also didn't realize that it was a huge tourist trap. We tend to forget we live in a city where people come to visit. It was a big fail, but the flowers were beautiful and we were able to bring some home with us. 

Note to self: Next time, let's just see them out the window on the way to the beach.

Thanks for catching up with us. We hope your month was as fun as ours. I am eagerly awaiting summer vacation, where I can spend every day with my sweet girl. We have many more memories to be made. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Video Fun!

About a month ago, I began to notice that Ella was singing parts of the Rihanna song, Stay, every time it came on the radio. I wasn't certain, but then Cori(Titi) called me one afternoon and said, "Do you know that Ella sings certain parts of the new Rihanna song?" I was finally convinced! 

Lately, every time Stay comes on, Ella is all about it! It's so hard for me to video her when I'm driving(hello dangerous!), and when I do, she always gets camera shy. Well, Jose was driving with us last weekend, so I was able to get a little clip. It's not great, and it's not her best version, but it sure makes us smile. 

On a completely different note, Every time Jose and Ella watch soccer, this happens . . . 

If you are at all familiar with soccer, especially on the Hispanic stations, you hear gooooooaaaaaaallllllll a lot! Well she just loves it. Again, not the greatest quality, but both videos were very spontaneous. Aren't they the best kind?

Hope you enjoyed our Be being her sweet self. Gosh we love her so.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My (Very) Easy DIY Project

I have been dying to find a cute bow holder for all of Ella's bows and just haven't been able to settle on one. I feel like I search Etsy all the time and see so many cute ones, but I find that they are just too pricey for something I could make myself. So..... I decided I'd give it a try! 

Most of the bow holders I've seen would hold about a 1/3 of Ella's bows. As you've probably noticed in her pictures, I always love for Ella to have a bow in her hair. It's usually just something small, like a clip, bow, or flower. I feel like the huge bows overpower her sweet face, but she will probably be sporting those once her little head grows a bit. I love a cute headband, and she has more than I can count, but this little miss wants nothing to do with them. I have to sneak the bow in her hair as it is. It's been this way since the beginning, but have no fear, I'm not giving up!!

Back to my project. I decided I would make a bow frame, and thought adding some chicken wire to the back would be just perfect and super easy. My original thought was to do the chicken wire, then place a cute fabric underneath for some color(I still may do this), but I realized I'd be placing it on one of her pink walls(two are pink and two are white), and all the bows would cover the fabric anyway. So, all I really needed was a white frame, chicken wire, wire cutters, a staple gun, and a very sweet hubs who would be willing to help! 

Now I was hoping to find a cute and inexpensive white frame somewhere, but after looking several places, I settled on a frame(16x20) at Michaels that was 50% off. It was still about $24.00 dollars(way more than I anticipated), but it worked. Jose, Ella, and I headed to Lowe's to find the chicken wire (it was $12.99 for a huge roll) and a pack of staples for my staple gun. Jose had the wire cutters at home already, so we were all set! 

Ella LOVES helping Jose with jobs around the house, and she especially loves his tools. So she was very eager to help her Da with the frame. Jose did most of the work actually, I just helped hold down the chicken wire and stapled it to the frame. He then cut the edges and hammered in the staples so they were flat. So, I guess you need a hammer too if you are a perfectionist like my hubs!

It turned out super cute. The pics don't really do it justice, but we love it and it holds many of her bows. She still has all of her smaller bows in the pink jar and her headbands in the glass jar. I've realized we have enough bows to hold us over for awhile. I still might line the back with fabric, but for now we are very happy to have a home for all of Ella's bows!

Here are Ella and Jose getting out the necessary tools.

Ella was in the center of it all helping her Da. So cute!

The final product. This is as creative as I get folks!

As you can see, we did this several weeks ago. That should explain the eggs!

I could probably use about two more of these on the wall, but thought that may look a bit obnoxious. This will definitely work for now. 

What do you keep your daughters' bows on/in? I'd love some more ideas!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I know I'm a bit late getting our Easter post up, but I still wanted to tell you about our wonderful Easter weekend celebrating with our families. 

On Saturday, we headed over to Jose's parents house for an egg hunt and Easter dinner. Ella was so excited to get all dressed up, hat and all, and hunt for eggs! I wasn't too sure if she would remember what to do, but as soon as we opened the door, we was off and running. Jose's sister and I "hid" the eggs and they were all pretty easy to find. Ella loved running around the yard, trying to find all of the eggs. Once found, she wanted us to keep hiding them so she could gather them up in her basket once more. It was so sweet. 

 We wrapped up our day with an amazing dinner prepared by Jose, his Mom, and Sis. It was a beautiful day.

On Easter Sunday, we headed over to my Mom and Cortie's house early and had a beautiful Easter brunch. After brunch, we had our traditional Easter hunt where all of us get to hunt for money filled eggs. It is always so fun. Of course we let the littles go first. Don't you worry! When it was the adults turn, Jose and I just stayed with Ella and helped her find her eggs. She found 10 eggs and they each had a dollar bill inside! She was pretty happy, although I think she was wondering where the Jelly beans were.

My Step brother Brandon found the golden 20 dollar bill egg which brought his total to $27.00 and my Nephews each earned more than $25.00! SO fun and they we both SO excited. We're going to have to step our our game next year! 

Here are a few more pics. I tried my best to capture Ella's excitement, but this girl is fast and NEVER stops. I finally put my camera down and enjoyed the day with my amazing family.

Ella was so beat and ALMOST made it home before falling asleep. You can even still see the gaga in her hand. We really pushed her nap! 

Easter is so special to me for so many reasons. Especially for the meaning it holds. We had such a special weekend with our families. I sure hope you did too!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Thomsen Family Tradition

Well, it was that time again! Time for our 53rd annual family reunion at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point. Last year we decided not to camp, and this year was no different. Jose and I decided that next year may be the year we can finally camp with Ella. She is just SO active and we didn't think she would sleep that great in a tent yet. Also, I was super sick this year and was in no shape to camp overnight. We originally planned on arriving to the beach early, but I was in pretty bad shape. We decided to let Ella and I hang low and nap in the morning, then head out around 3. A few hours was about all I could handle. We arrived at about 4:00, and Ella was so excited to see her Grandpa Doug and Debs, her Grandma Great, and all of her aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Grandpa Doug lives in Park City, Utah, and Ella is always very happy when she gets to spend some time with him. It didn't take her too long to warm up, and off she went to give lots of hugs, play in the sand, and roll down the very large sand hill.

Jose and Ella had a great time too, playing in the sand and enjoying some time together. These smiles are just so precious to me. I love these two more than humanely possible!

Jose and I managed to take a pic too. Thank goodness for Instagram. You can't see my horribly red nose from blowing it about 20,000 times on Friday!

On Sunday, we again decided to go in the afternoon after Ella's nap, but little miss had no intention of napping. After being in her crib for about 45 minutes, we decided to get packed up and head down. We made it down by 1:00 and had another lovely afternoon with family and friends. I was feeling much better by Sunday so I was actually able to be a bit more involved with Jose and Ella, and my entire fam!

My Sis, J, and the boys came down too, so Ella was extremely excited to see Gar and Grayson. They kept her company most of the afternoon playing in the water, sand, and flying kites! 

On our way!

Look Mom and Da! Can I go in?

Way too cold Be. Maybe next year!

Watching Deb, Gar, and Gray fly a trick kite. So cool!

Some love for Gramps!

Try to catch me if you can!

Next stop.... helmet shopping!

I love this pic my cousin Sean took at his campsite. I could not be more proud to be a Thomsen! Going to Doheny is such a beautiful tradition that my family celebrates every year. I cannot wait for Ella to experience all of the fun and excitement this traditions holds. Until next year!