Sunday, September 6, 2015


A few weeks before Ell's birthday we headed to Legoland! I think this may be our birthday tradition, as it seems to be her desired place to go to celebrate each year. 

Ell could not wait to go, and what made it even sweeter was having her bestie Donovan join us. My Mom came too(which she LOVED), and we had the BEST day together. We were there as soon as it opened, and almost made it until closing. They were exhausted!

Ell LOVES Lego Friends, so you can imagine how excited she was to visit Heartlake City. The girls were there too, so seeing them in real life was such a treat. She couldn't get enough.

This year was much better than last. They were able to go on most rides, and because of the heat, most people were at the water park. Win, win.

These two together are just the sweetest!! 

I still can't believe our girl is four. How does that even happen?

Thanks for the best day Mom and Donovan. Let's go again soon!

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