Sunday, December 30, 2012

From Our Family to Yours

Merry Christmas! 

I thought I'd share our Christmas card before it was New Years. Things have been a little hectic around here with a sick be, Da, and Mama.
We are so ready to all be healthy!

 Jose wanted to be part of sharing our card(which I thought was super cute!)

It's a little blurry in these photos, but we loved it! Hope you do too. 

We had a beautiful Christmas spent with our families. I'll share pics soon. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Heavy Heart

I wrote this several weeks ago and just discovered it sitting in my drafts. I feel like I cannot post before acknowledging the lives lost on December 14, 2012.

Last Friday I walked into school as I normally would. I always arrive to work on Fridays super early, and ready to start the day. We had our weekly flag salute, where I have the honor of announcing students names who have earned awards for reading and math, alongside our principal, vice principal, and our other instructional specialist, Christy.

After flag, as we were walking into the teacher's lounge, another colleague ran in explaining what had just happened. Our hearts sank. We all quickly ran into Stephs office(our principal) and immediately turned on the news. What I then saw and heard was devastating. How could this have happened? How could someone walk into an elementary school and kill innocent adults and young children?

The remainder of the day was pretty rough for me. I went home a bit early, and as I walked into my house, especially Ella's room, I just wept. Wept for the many lives affected by the tragedy and what lies ahead for these families. I also prayed. I prayed for all affected to some how find peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Monday morning as I walked into my Kindergarten classroom to meet my students, I had to hold back tears. I have not been able to turn on the news, nor listen to any recounts of this horrible crime for this very reason. I just can't. It hits entirely to close to home.

So, I will go on, as you will, with our daily lives. But these sweet little and big angels who lost their lives will forever be in my heart and will never be forgotten.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Have you heard of StickyGram? I am completely obsessed! If they weren't so darn expensive, I'd have my entire fridge full of them. I ordered two sheets last month, and I am giving several as gifts to family for Christmas. Go check them out! Grab this code for $2.00 off your first order. 


Let me know what you think? We sure do love them! Here's our fridge when we first got them. Ella loves pics so they are now at the bottom so she can see and touch them. So cute!

We'd love you to follow us on Instagram too. @hollievon

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

I can't believe I am just now getting to a post about Thanksgiving! These past few weeks have been a bit hectic for the Garcia family(sick be and Da!), but we are finally on the mend and getting back up to speed. 

This year I am thankful for SO many things. A supportive and loving hubs, the most adorable little be in the world, my ever rewarding job educating children every day, and my incredibly supportive family and loving friends! Jose and I continue to feel so blessed and fortunate as we reflect on our very simple life as a family of three. I doesn't get much better than this!

As a teacher, I am incredibly lucky to have lots of time off around the holidays. For Thanksgiving, I get the entire week off, and boy did we need it. Our days were spent spending time together as a family and WITH family, going to the park, lounging around the house, shopping, and soaking up as much time with our sweet be as possible. Here are some pics to illustrate our time together. I cannot tell you how excited I am for Christmas break. Three entire weeks off with my girl. I am counting the days.

Here we are trying to get a cute pic of Ella for our Christmas card. Out of 96 pictures, not one was she looking at Momma. We tried and failed miserably. I have to say, even though she wasn't looking, I think these are super sweet. I just love her to pieces!

We love the park! Ella could spend every day there, running, swinging, sliding, feeding the ducks, you name it, she'll do it! My Mom got her this Taxi Coupe and she absolutely loves it. And when I say love, I mean she is completely obsessed with it. She would sit in it all day if we let her. It's pretty cute! Jose thought it would be a great idea if we took it with us one afternoon. She couldn't have been happier. 

And here we have some random shots. (don't mind my nephew without a shirt on. He was a HOT MESS from playing the Wii!) Ella loves her cousins to pieces. I love that they are so sweet with her and play with her so patiently. Even though sometimes they forget she is still a little be and are a bit rough! I hope they continue to have these special moments together.

Ella is also obsessed with music, especially on my iPhone, iPod, or iPad! She even tries to get a handle on my Mac, but I have to draw the line somewhere right?! She has her own playlist on all of them, and she knows exactly where to go. She even knows where camera and photos are.  How is that even possible? She could sit with me for hours looking through pictures and watching herself on video. I love this time together because she is actually still for a long period of time. It's my favorite!

It's hard to believe how different this year is compared to last year. Ella was such a tiny baby, and now she feels so grown up! Jose and are a trying to savor every moment and enjoy this precious time with our girl. This week proved to be exactly what we needed. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. Until next year. . . . .