Saturday, June 28, 2014

Silly Girl

Hi there. I hope everyone's summer is off to a great start!

Jose and I were talking the other night and laughing at all the silly things Ell does on the daily. She's too cute(well we think so) and says the funniest things. I had to share both the good and not so good moments.

If you follow me on Insta, you probably have already heard this one! Lately, Ell has been resisting naps, which is driving this Mama crazy. Well, when I go in to tuck her in again and rub her back, she says, in the most serious of voices, "Mama, only babies go night night!" Needless to say, most days I swoop her up and we're on with our day.

Just recently she started saying NEVER when ever I ask her to do something. She says it with so much expression(and attitude) it's crazy! This is how it usually goes down…. "Catherine(I call her by her middle name most of the time) you cannot take Madeline's toys home with you in the car. Can I please have them so I can give them back to her?" She proceeds to whip them away from me saying, "NEVER!" I then ask her not to use that word in that tone and she then whispers in the sweetest of voices, "never." I have to hold back the laughter folks. I'm the worst. A battle using ensues and she heads straight in to time out for talking back to Mama.

Speaking of time outs. Lately when she is super over tired, usually due to lack of naps, she has complete meltdowns over the slightest thing. It's SCARY! Well…. as of late she has been saying exactly what I say, even in the same voice as me. It sounds a little like this. "Ella, do NOT throw that in the house again! (she then throws something) Ella, TIME OUT for two minutes. Sit down here please." Then she says……. "No mama, YOU time out. Two minutes. Sit DOOOWWWWN! Yikes. We're in for it. This is where I really work on my Mommy patience. When did she turn into a teenager?

On a lighter note. Here are some of our favorite answers from Ell:

"What's your name?" I

"Noooooo… What's your name?" Ewwa

"What's Mommy's name?" Babe

"What's Daddy's name?" Babe

Last month she started calling people honey. It's so funny. Her Titi says it a lot, so we know she got it from her. I die. It's SO sweet.

She calls all kids her buddies or peoples. "Where's my peoples Mommy?"

Whenever Jose or I have to leave for work she says, "I want to go to work tooooooo!" Makes leaving super hard, but it sounds so sweet.

She's such a love bug. She says she loves us all the time, and gives tons of besitos. Such a sensitive, loving heart. Might have something to do with the fact that I tell her I love her many times throughout the day and I'm always kissing her. I just can't help myself!

If we are going somewhere she says, "Where are going? Don't forget I!" (I would never forget you Be.)

She's still really inquisitive, so every 5 seconds I hear "Happened?" or "Why?"

Every time she's done on the potty she says, "Is Mommy so proud of I?" I sure am love!

I have loved watching Ell's little personality grow as she gets older. It is filled with the sweetest of voices, crazy amounts of expression, a whole lot of sass, a little attitude, some drama, and most of all, the most loving and sweet heart. Although many moments are hard, she brings so much joy in our lives every day.

How can you not love this sweet face?!

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend. This little nugget is going to be three, one week from today.

Bring on the Mama tears…….

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer is here

Summer vacation is finally here, and Ell and I could not be happier or more excited! The week leading up to my last day of work(school) was just awful. Ell got another horrible ear infection, so we spent a few days at the doctors trying to get things figured out. Finally we saw her ENT, and were all set to go with some antibiotics, ear drops, and some new ears plugs fitted especially for our tough little Be. Ell did so great, and was a trooper the entire time she had the infection. 

Here she is having a blast at her doctor's office. At least she's happy when she's sick!

On Wednesday afternoon,  Ell, my Mom, and I headed out to Palm Springs to meet up with my Sis and the boys. We always love to go to PS, and it was great spending time with my Mom, Sis, and the boys. My Mom headed off to her home in Coeur D'Alene for the summer, so Ell especially loved having some extra cuddles with her Gigi before she left. 

Here she is with her cousin Garin. She is obsessed with her cousins! This was after a few fun hours swimming in the pool. This girl of ours LOVES the water. 

We headed to the YMCA when her cousins were at Soap City. She had a BLAST!

A little TV time . . . . .

and of course she mimics everything they tell her to do. 
Thanks Gracie for teaching Ella some of your tricks!

Love this pic of my Mom and the boys.

An "ice cream treat" with Gigi.

Since we've been home, we've just been having the best time hanging out together. 

We've had fun mornings getting Starbucks ……. 

Going to the park ………

AND, taking some photos of my cute girl out front …….

I'm loving every minute being home with Ell. 

I also had a chance to go out with Ella's Titi(Cori) for some fun. I think we need to make this a weekly occurrence Cor. It was much needed!

 Today we are officially starting to potty train again. As of right now, it's NO BUENO!! Hoping she gets better as the day progresses. Wish us luck and say some prayers for us. 

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

To My Husband…..

I always knew you'd be a good dad, but I never could've imagined the endless ways you'd amaze me, the countless things you'd teach me, or the way you'd keep taking being a dad to a whole new level! YOU are the most loving, patient, supporting, selfless, dedicated, and incredible father to our sweet girl. I couldn't imagine being on this journey with any one else.

Thank YOU for always being our rock, for always putting your family first, and for never letting us down. You simply amaze me!

Happy Father's Day love.

We LOVE you,

Hol & Ell  XOXO

And………. here's a look back on our last two years. She just gets cuter and cuter!

Father's Day 2013 / Ella Catherine / 2 years old

Father's Day 2012 / Ella Catherine / 1 years old

We sure do LOVE you Jose. Thank you for being the BEST Dad to our sweet girl. We are so blessed!

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