Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

Christmas is in full swing at the Garcia household, and we are soaking up every minute of it. I love the holidays, but they have become so much more magical ever since we had Ell. She is finding joy and excitement in everything this year, and it makes my heart SO happy. 

My dearest friend Megs did a book advent calendar last year, and I thought it was the neatest idea. So, Megs got us started with some Christmas books, and I've been shopping since last Christmas, trying to buy a few books each month. Well, I thought I had a pretty good stash until I realized I needed to buy 12 more! YIKES. Not the cheapest way to go, but I know she will love it for years to come. 

I've been leaving the book out each day so it's ready as soon as she gets home from school, or if it's the weekend, as soon as she's up from her nap. Once she unwraps her book, she heads over to her other two countdowns and we read our daily devotional. It's quite the routine. She is such a girl of structure and routine(just like her Mama), so if the book isn't out, she's not having it. It's so cute. 

Her bookshelf is already filled with 11 beautiful Christmas stories, which she insists get piled in her bed each night as she goes to sleep. Not quite sure how that's going to look when we're on day 25!

Opening up her first book//December 1st

We made this advent out of scrap book paper. She loves tearing a ring off each day.

Ell made this in her Sunday school class a few weeks ago. She loves it, and before we place each picture, we read her devotional. So special for her. 

I was ahead of schedule for Christmas cards this year, but didn't want to send them out before December hit. They went out this week, and I am loving all the cards each day. Getting mail is so fun, especially when you get to see your beautiful family and friends. I even made a new lattice Christmas card display I saw on Pinterest. More pics to come!

Our weekend was jammed packed with all things Christmas. Saturday morning was spent putting up all our Christmas decorations, and later that afternoon, Ell had her school's Christmas musical performance. All week her teachers told me she was one of the loudest singers, and that she was also very animated with her gestures. Our church's main chapel was packed! I thought she would for sure freeze when she saw everyone.Well friends, not a chance. She was the cutest thing ever, and she was so loud and happy the entire time. I could not stop laughing and smiling. Watching our little girl up on stage for the first time is something we'll never forget. So special for Jose and I to see. 

There she is! Second row, far left, with her red bow. 

Gigi came of course . . . . . .

and so did Grandma, Papa, and Tia UU.

Her bestest buddy was cheering her on the whole time. Too bad these two little performers couldn't sing together. Now that would've been a show!

On Sunday, it was off to Home Depot for our tree. We arrived bright and early, just as they were still unwrapping freshly delivered trees. I had no idea their trees came all the way from Oregon.  No wonder they are always SO beautiful and stay alive forever. Ell was full of excitement and couldn't wait to load up in Daddy's truck and help him pick out our tree. 

"Wait one minute, I need to get my gloves on!"

They had the cutest tree displayed where you could write your families name on your tree's stump. Such a clever idea. Way to go Home Depot!

And we're off! We found ourselves a keeper. (and one for Jose's parents too!)

On Tuesday, Ell and Gigi made an amazing gingerbread house. So fun for her. Every day she eats a small little candy off her house. If it's anything like last year, this little house will still be around come Christmas Day. Thanks Mom!

And…. It's not Christmas without some fun pajamas! 

So much Christmas fun, and it's only December 11th! (Happy Birthday Mama)

Can't wait for what's to come. . . . .

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  1. So much joy in this post! I wish I could say our advent book idea is going as well as yours… 2 crazy kids taking turns unwrapping and sitting to listen to a story… not quite the scene I had pictured. Ha! But still good memories all the same. I will never forget your super star girl in the kids' performance. I think she is destined to be a cheerleader! Love her and love you! Glad you guys are enjoying each fun-filled minute of the season. xo