Monday, December 29, 2014


Merry Christmas! 

We had such a wonderful Christmas, celebrating together as a family and watching the pure joy in Ell's eyes as she took in all the joys of Christmas. 

It was so magical this year. Most importantly, because Ell truly understood the reason for all of our joyous celebration. 

Our holiday was filled with so much fun. We had . . . . . .

Gift exchanges with dear friends.

Thanks for the fun night Madeline and Theo!

Sweet Emmers. We are just missing our bestest bud Dono!

We had lots of fun outfit days too.

Two visits to see Santa. She was so cute each time. Ell had no problem walking right up and telling him what she wanted, and sitting right up on his lap. She just couldn't figure out why there were two, AND why he was wearing a seatbelt! I died laughing.

Cookie decorating with Gigi. Such a fun tradition we have. Thanks Mom.

Christmas Eve was spent at Jose's parents house. We always have so much fun while we're there! They spoiled her with way too many gifts, which we are so beyond grateful for. 

One of her favs……… a new bike!

Christmas morning was spent at home, just the three of us. She loved all of her gifts, and opened each one with such excitement. Her big gift from Mom and Dad was a huge doll house, and she loved it. We moved in up to her room right away, and she's been playing with it non stop. So sweet to see and hear her play with her dolls. 

We headed to my Mom's around 3:00 for round three. I wanted to get a few pics of our girl all dressed up, and I was so happy to get some cute ones. She is just so sweet.

She loves her cousins so much!

We are so grateful for all of these unforgettable memories, and could not have asked for a better Christmas season. It's so hard to believe it's all over. Hoping each of you had a wonderful Christmas, spent with family and dear friends. 

I know 2015 is going to be an AMAZING year!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time. Loveeeeeeee all the outfits, so precious!