Monday, December 22, 2014


My Sis had to work this weekend, so we were so excited when she asked if the boys could stay the night with us while she was gone. Ell LOVES her cousins deeply, and she could not wait to have them over for a sleepover.

Our day started at Garin's basketball game. He did such a great job, however this little miss wanted to spend most of her time outside running around. She can't sit still for more than 5 minutes! At least I was able to get a few cute pics of my girl!

When Gar's game was over, we headed home, had lunch, and went to the park. 

 A little basketball action! Ell was right in the mix of course.

Tio came out to play too. 

Then, we headed over to my friend's house to make gingerbread houses! Steph had such a great set up, with tons of pre made houses and candy to add to our houses. Gar, Grayson, and Ell had a blast. 

My Gar Bear is such a cuddle bug. I love that about him. 

After some yummy Mexican food for dinner, we had baths(showers for the big boys) and some iPad time. Then it was time for bed!

 But, not before I snapped a Christmas pic with my three loves. 

Thanks for a fun day/night boys. We sure do love you. Let's do it again soon.
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  1. How cute! Ell's outfit in the first picture is my all time favorite! That sweatshirt is perfect!