Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tiny Dancer

Meet our sweet, tiny dancer.

Ell started ballet and tap a few weeks ago, and I have been dying to share some of her pics! I think she may like wearing the outfits more than actually dancing at this point. I can't get over how sweet she looks in her little leotard and tights. Too cute if you ask me!

Class has been going great, and she is loving it as much as I thought she would. Miss Trisha is amazing, and is so loving, patient, and sweet with all her students. We lucked out!

Ella Catherine//Week One

Jose and I get to sit right outside the glass to watch. We always have a front row seat!

Ella Catherine//Week Two

Ella Catherine//Week Three

She wanted to take a pic with Daddy and this is her pose! Nice Ell.

She gets SUPER excited after class because one of her besties from school arrives for her class. I just love this little friendship she is building with Em. They are so sweet together!

Ella & Emily

 Next week is our last class, and I think we'll sign her up for the next session. With each class she seems to get better and better, and her attention has been improving with each class. One hour is a long time for a little 3 year old, but she's doing such a great job. No sense in stopping now!

We love you our sweet, tiny dancer.  Mama and Dada are SO very proud of you!

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  1. Her sweet little outfits kill me! And the tap shoes ! ! ! I cannot wait to sign Liesl up and make sweet ballet memories! Looks like you are soaking it up as much as she is!

  2. ahhhhhhhhhh we are so close to signing Ri up and we both are big fans of the outfits as well!!!

  3. Absolutely Adorable! What a joy she is to you and Jose...