Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Park City

A few weeks ago, Ell and I headed to beautiful Park City, Utah to visit my Dad and Deb. Ell hadn't been to Utah since she was 5 months old, and we were itching to get back for a visit. 

Here we are just as we boarded the plane and took our seats. Ell was so excited to go on the airplane, and as we walked on the flight attendant gave her some wings and even took her up into the cockpit to meet the pilot. It was awesome, and I was so grateful they took the time to do that for Ell. Way to go Delta airlines!

This Mama doesn't like flying, AT ALL, so it helped to have my little side kick with me as tears streamed down my face during the flight. She was so sweet and brave, and even held my hand when I asked her to. She kept asking if I was happy, and I had to lie and tell her I was ok. I definitely needed her more than she needed me. I'm so grateful for her presence in my life!

           Our first day was action packed, and it was so good to see my Dad and Deb for a visit. 
Ell loved seeing where her Papa Doug lived, and she especially loved their backyard. I simply LOVE Park City and the beauty that surrounds you. The trees and greenery are simply breathtaking. Ell seems to love it as much as I do! We spent most of our time outside, and we even had a chance to go swimming with my Dad at their local Rec Center. 

Later in the evening, we enjoyed more time out on the deck, and had a little birthday celebration for Ell. It was perfect and Ella loved all the attention.

Ell had been eyeing her beautifully wrapped presents all day, and she finally got a chance to open them after dinner. Deb had a very delicious chocolate cake ready for Ell too, and she loved every minute as we sang and blew out candles. Thanks Dad and Deb for such a special birthday celebration!

Deb picked out the most precious outfit for Ell. She was so excited to try on her ballerina dress. We sat on the deck just watching her dance, play, and twirl, loving every second!

The next day, Ell and I spent the morning hanging out on the deck, playing with puzzles, picking and smelling flowers, and enjoying the fresh mountain air. When my Dad got home, we headed up the mountain and took in the amazing sights where he works. 

Ell couldn't wait to see all the tractors, and my Dad even had one of his workers stop so she could get inside. Of course she was completely freaked out when she got up close, and wanted nothing to do with it. Luckily there was a smaller, Ella sized one she had her eye on. 

My Dad and I tried to take a pic with the view in the background, but failed miserably. I sure do love this pic of my Dad and I. I miss him every day, and it was so nice spending time with him.

Later Friday evening, we headed out to the lake to SUP, swim, grill, and roast marshmallows. My Dad and Deb keep their trailer out at the lake for the summer, so it was all set up and ready for us. Deb taught me how to SUP(and my Dad gave me some tips when he saw me struggling with turns), and I have to tell you, it was a blast. I was very shaky, but with some practice I bet it gets easier and easier. Thanks for the lesson Debs! I promise I'll be better next time. 

On Saturday, we headed up to Park City Mountain Resort to enjoy some fun. They have TONS of activities, and Ell was SO ready for the fun! 

Here she is getting on a chair lift for the first time. Hang on Ell, the fun has just begun . . . . . .

Saturday afternoon we spent our afternoon on the deck watching Ell water the plants about a million times. She just couldn't get enough. Deb made a yummy dinner, and we sat outside enjoying our last night together. It was perfect!

I couldn't leave out sweet Lily girl! I think Lil was probably ready for us to leave because Ell finally warmed up to her and wouldn't leave her alone. We sure to love you sweet girl. 

Ell and I had such a great visit, and it was so nice to spend some time with my Dad and Deb. It's so hard for us to get out there, but I hope we can be back this winter so Ell can see the snow, and Deb can attempt to teach Ell how to ski. I think she'd LOVE it!

Thanks Dad and Deb for a wonderful visit. We love you both dearly, and can't wait to see you both again soon.

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  1. What a darling post.....and what a FUN vacation!!!!! Your sweet girl is just getting cuter and cuter. LOVE love love those curls!!!! Hugs for you and GREAT job at being brave enough to fly. I used to be terrified ....Meghan can tell you what a mess I used to be!!!!! Happy end of summer. Sending hugs and more hugs. XXXXX

  2. She is precious - love her curls & those outfits!!! Newest follower!