Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We have a Preschooler!

How is it even possible that Jose and I have a preschooler? In preparation for today, Jose, Ell, and I headed to her orientation last week to find out all about her class. She was beyond excited, and loved seeing her classroom, meeting her teachers, seeing her buddies, and discovering all the new toys she would be playing with in her classroom.

Since we visited, Ell has been talking about going to school EVERY DAY! She was so excited to go, which made us very relieved and hopeful that she would have a seamless transition into her new routine!

Here she is this morning, right before we left. She was SO excited and ready to go!
(I'm SO sad you can't read the sign in the pics! Oh well.)

We have arrived!

Mama signed her in . . . . . .

We placed her crib sheet(for her nap mat), blankie, and lovey(her favorite elefante) in her nap bin . 

Placed her bucket and lunchbox outside her door . . . . . .

Gave her a BIG kiss and hug, and sent her on her way. She immediately saw her little buddy Jordan, and was so excited to play, play, play! She never looked back!!

I was so anxious and nervous ALL DAY! I was worried about so many things, and tons of thoughts and questions flooded my mind every second.

Will she be ok with the potty?
Hopefully she doesn't leave her undies on the floor!
What if she poops! Will she wipe ok?
Will she nap…… on the floor…..with her shoes on?
Will she eat her lunch?
Drink enough water?
Will she make friends?
How will she treat them?
How will they treat her?
I wish I could get an update.
Too bad they don't have cameras!

You name it, I was thinking it. 

Well friends, Guess what? She did GREAT! I don't think I've ever left work more excited to pick her up. As I stepped through the doors, I prayed that her day was smooth, and that she was a good girl. 

As soon as I saw her, she ran up, gave me a huge hug, and asked if she could keep playing. All very good signs! Her teacher than filled me in on her day, and said she did wonderful. Potty wasn't an issue, she took a little while to fall asleep, but she stayed on her mat, and finally fell asleep for 45 minutes. Thank goodness. She did fall, and had one scraped knee, and a scratch on her eyebrow. No biggie for Ell, those happen every day around here with our super active girl.

It looked like she ate most of her lunch, but she didn't drink much. I figure she'll get enough to drink first thing in the morning at home, and when I pick her up. 

We headed to Menchies for a yogurt treat right after, and she told me all about her day. It was too cute. I love how I can ask her any question, and she can answer and explain what she did. It's so fun. 

We feel so grateful to have found such a lovely place to send Ell for Preschool. I think it's the perfect fit, and I have no doubt she'll have a very successful and positive experience this year. 

A huge thank you to all my sweet friends and family who called or text to checked in and see how the morning (and day) went. You have no idea how much it meant to me. Especially for this very teary eyed Mama that walked out the preschool doors this morning. I'm so lucky to have you all. 

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  1. So cute! I KNEW she'd do great. She had a super big smile on her face when I walked in with Donovan this morning. They are in such a great place.. now wipe those tears away Momma and pour yourself a glass of wine. You did it! :)

  2. What a sweet post! I'm glad the day went so well for her! And you!!