Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ella is THREE!

It's so incredibly sad that I am just now getting a post up about Ell's 3rd birthday. Where did the summer go? Our sweet Ella Catherine turned THREE on July 5th. We decided to just spend the morning together(just the three of us!), and headed up to Ramona after Ella napped to celebrate with her Grandma, Papa, and Tia UU(Lourdes). It was super relaxed and perfect in every way. 

The night before, Jose and I set out her presents and decorated her door. We also had her balloons all set to go for the morning celebration! Ell's birthday present this year was our trip to Disneyland, but we couldn't resist getting her a few small presents to celebrate her day. She also insisted on flowers, which I thought was so sweet and cute!

After we opened her gifts, we all got dressed for the day and headed out to one of our favorite breakfast spots. She got some yummy hot chocolate and some delicious bday pancakes.
Perfect start to the day. 

She still has the hardest time giving me thumbs up, or putting up 3 fingers. Here she is trying her very best!! I'll take it cute girl.

After her nap, we headed up to her grandparents house for her birthday celebration!

(She was SO grumpy after her nap, so it's the best pic I could get!)

When we walked in, Jose's sister had blown up about one hundred balloons, and they were all over the family room. It was amazing, and she absolutely LOVED it. Thank you Tia!

There were way to many presents!

The MOST precious cake I have ever seen!

AND of course there was singing!

She loved every second! 

We are so lucky to have such an amazing family. They would do anything for this little Be. 

The next day, my Sis came down with my nephews, Garin and Grayson. Ella was SO happy to have her cousins over to celebrate her big day. They too spoiled her with some adorable presents and a yummy donut cake my Sis put together. 

When Ell was little, she HATED when we would sing "Happy Birthday".  Every time we'd sing, she'd start to cry and threw a complete fit. Well, that has completely changed! Now, we have to sing "Happy Birthday" at least five times, and she loves every second of it! Such a ham.

We sure do love you sweet girl. You have brought your Dada and I so much joy in the past THREE years. Thank you for making me a Mama three years ago, and for teaching me what life is really about. 

I love you!

Her THREE year old update is coming soon. Stay tuned. . . . . . . . .

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  1. Happy belated Birthday! Cute pics, looks like a lot of fun! My Niece just turned four, such a wonderful age!

  2. I can't believe I'm just now reading this. Happy belated birthday to Ella. Buckle up for some rally fun adventures with your sweet girl. I love watching her grow through your eyes and am happy you are willing to post updates like this.

  3. Loved reading about Ella's birthday celebrations!!!!! The first picture with her purse cake is priceless!!! Three is a fun age!