Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July Style

July 4th is a very special day for Jose and I. It's the day our sweet girl was finally on her way to meet Mom and Dad!

Two years ago on The 4th of July, I was lounging at my Mom and Cortie's pool steadily feeling contractions from our sweet girl. I was 10 DAYS LATE(shoot me), and was eagerly awaiting Ella's arrival. I was contracting all day, and as the night went on, I began having to breathe through a few. I was also having a very hard time feeling any movement from our girl. So.... around 11:00 p.m., we headed for the hospital for what I knew would be the arrival of our sweet Be. 

Ella Catherine arrived on July 5th at 5:56 in the evening, 16 hours later! So, I think it is only fitting that our girl have several cute outfits for her birthday month. Don't you?!

Linking up here for Trendy Tot! Here are a few outfits Ella's worn this past week in cerebration of the 4th. 

Here she is on the 4th! 

Dress: Crazy 8

Ella was mad because she wanted to go to Gigi's to swim. We were going to our pool instead! She pouted a bit on the way, but then was her happy, happy self once we arrived. I had to post these pics because they are so funny to me. Typical, strong-willed Ella. I'm in for it!

Here's a closer look!

Hair Clip: Polkadot Posies
Bathing Suit: Old Navy
Water Shoes: Old Navy

Ella's cousins Anika, Nora, and Stella(Yes, they are triplets) gave her this suit as a birthday present. They were so excited to be giving her the same suit they had on. So sweet! Thanks girls. 

Bow & Clip: Polkadot Posies
Sunglasses: Carters
Bathing Suit: GAP

This next little number I love. It's perfect for summer and she's worn it several times already this month.  I didn't get too many pics of this one, but I did manage to get one. Well.....kinda!

Flower Clip: Polkadot Posies
Romper: Crazy 8
Shoes: Saltwater Sweetheart Sandals(Red)

I just LOVE dressing Ell up for the holidays. It's so fun. Thanks again for stopping by. Hope you all had a safe and fabulous 4th!


  1. I just adore the first outfit! Her bikinis are so cute, too!

  2. She could not be ANY cuter! I love everything she wears but goodness knows, that girl would be adorable even if she wore a trash bag. I just love her to pieces. Hope you girls are having a fun time in Palm Springs. Can't wait to see you soon.