Monday, July 15, 2013

Ella is TWO!

I cannot believe Ella Catherine is already two years old. How did this happen? Our little peanut was born on July 5th two years ago, and I still picture her as a baby in my mind when I think about her. Reality check! She is no longer the sweet, quiet little girl we brought home from the hospital. She is now a little toddler with tons of sass and a HUGE (still sweet) personality!

I decided that I was not going to have a party this year. Last year was quite the production, so I wanted to keep things simple and just family. So, on the 4th, we headed over to my Mom and Cortie's house to celebrate the 4th of July and Ella's birthday with some pool time and a BBQ.

This child loves the water and loved just hanging out, swimming, and playing with her cousins. It was perfect!

We grilled up some chicken, burgers, hot dogs, and corn which Ella LOVED. She devoured her plate and loved sitting with her BIG cousins at the table!

I brought over some yummy cupcakes from a local cupcake shop, and also bought Ella a special larger one. I decided to keep the 4th of July theme and decorate it a bit. I thought it turned out simple and cute. 

She hated when we all started singing and started crying. That explains the red eyes! We all stopped and let her just blow out her candles. She certainly loved that.

She also opened her presents and loved all her goodies. Thanks Mom, Cortie, B, J, and the boys!

That night after we put Ella down, Jose set up her scooter and I laid out some of her other presents. We never want to overload Ella with gifts, so we decided to get her a scooter and helmet. We also got her a Doc McStuffins Dr. bag and accessories. The other two gifts are from her Grandpa Doug(my dad) and Deb, and off to the side(not pictured) was another basket of goodies from her buddies Madeline and Theo. I thought the banner I made her could be out every 4th of July. All I have to do is change how old she is. Win, win for me!

Of course I had to decorate her door with a little banner too.

And hang a little flower garland in her room. She was so excited when she saw it! We decided to keep it up for a little while.

Jose and I came in the next morning singing Happy Birthday with a ton of balloons and she was NOT having it. She started crying and getting super upset. SO.... we stopped and just gave her the balloons and walked her downstairs to see all her fun birthday treats! She was so excited and jumped on her scooter right away. She also loved her DOC McStuffins bag, and it was even more fun when it came on T.V.

After Ella woke up from her nap, we headed over to Jose's parents house and had another birthday celebration with food, cake, balloons, and way too many presents! She is so spoiled. Notice the red eyes. Yup, she cried again when we sang. I hope this isn't a trend for years to come!

I swear all she wants to do is go outside! Here she is sans dress and begging to play outside.

This pic is kinda random, but I think she looks so darn sweet in it. I love this girl to pieces.

Here is one of Ella's many gifts from her Abuela, Abuelo, y Tia. She has been having so much fun playing in her new tunnel.

We had such a great few days celebrating a very special little lady. Thanks to all our family and friends who made her day so special. She is truly blessed to have all of you. 

Jose secretly snapped this super dark and not so great pic on her and I on her birthday and I just have to share. When Ella woke up from her nap, she was super lovey and wanted to stay with me. So, I sat down on her rocker and fed her. I have to tell you, I haven't done this for several months(at least 8). It brought back so many memories of her as a bebe. This pic is so special to me, and I will remember this moment forever. 

I love you Ella Be.

 I'll try to post her 2 year update soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. I absolutely love that last picture! What a wonderful birthday. You guys are such great parents. Happy birthday sweet Ella! We love you!