Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The 4 B's

The recent nights in the Garcia household have been blissful. I have been reading several books about sleep, and all of them have mentioned the importance of establishing a routine. So..... Jose and I jumped right on it. Our sweet Ella has fallen into her nightly routine beautifully. Here's how our night begins.....

First, Ella enjoys her nightly BOTTLE around 6:45. She drinks about 8 ounces! 6 ounces before her bath, and we save the rest for after bathtime! She places her hands around her bottle like she's ready to hold it. It's so cute!

Next, we have a BATH. She loves her bath! Jose still likes to give her a bath together, but it's almost time to move into the bathtub. She's getting SO big. I think I will then hand this over to Dad. He loves this time with Ella.

She also gets a nice massage from Mom or Dad. We love the Carter's lotion and it keeps her skin nice and smooth. The yummy smell is an added bonus. This is one lotion we will use for years to come.

Next, it's time for her BOOK. Jose or I will read to her each night. It really winds her down. As you can tell in this picture, she is rubbing her eyes. This is her new signal that she is tired and ready for bed. I love it!

And lastly, it's time for BED! Ella is down at about 7:45 or 8:00 depending on how quickly she'll fall asleep. This allows Jose and I some quiet time before we go to bed and start the day all over. We've been having to have dinner late, but it's nice to have the time together. Ella wakes up at about 2:30 for a feeding and then again at 6. I think we're pretty lucky. Let's just hope it sticks. And there you have it, the 4 B's! Bottle, Bath, Book, and Bed. We love our routine and love our sweet girl even more!

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  1. Perfection. That's my favorite time of the day too and our night routine sounds pretty identical. Proud of you super Momma.