Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today We Become One......

One year ago today, Jose made me the happiest girl alive as we became husband and wife. After 8 long years together, I was finally able to call him my husband. Gosh it felt amazing! I often times look back on that day and think about how blessed I felt to have all of our closest family and friends together to celebrate our love and the journey we had ahead of us.

I thank God every day for bringing Jose in to my life. For allowing us to find each other, and create the strong bond we have with one another. I know deep in my heart that our love will last a lifetime. I love you Jose Matias Garcia AND I love our life together. Happy Anniversary my love!


  1. So sweet Hollie. You and Jose are a beautiful couple. Wishing you guys a wonderful day celebrating as a family. Thanks for your text this morning. Love you friend!

  2. Congrats....from a very old married couple (G)!!! You both have SOOO much to look forward too. Enjoy the journey and much joy and God's blessings for the year ahead. XXX