Thursday, April 25, 2013

Video Fun!

About a month ago, I began to notice that Ella was singing parts of the Rihanna song, Stay, every time it came on the radio. I wasn't certain, but then Cori(Titi) called me one afternoon and said, "Do you know that Ella sings certain parts of the new Rihanna song?" I was finally convinced! 

Lately, every time Stay comes on, Ella is all about it! It's so hard for me to video her when I'm driving(hello dangerous!), and when I do, she always gets camera shy. Well, Jose was driving with us last weekend, so I was able to get a little clip. It's not great, and it's not her best version, but it sure makes us smile. 

On a completely different note, Every time Jose and Ella watch soccer, this happens . . . 

If you are at all familiar with soccer, especially on the Hispanic stations, you hear gooooooaaaaaaallllllll a lot! Well she just loves it. Again, not the greatest quality, but both videos were very spontaneous. Aren't they the best kind?

Hope you enjoyed our Be being her sweet self. Gosh we love her so.

1 comment:

  1. SOOOOO stinkin' cute! I love hearing Jose laugh with her, too in the second video. Adorable!