Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I know I'm a bit late getting our Easter post up, but I still wanted to tell you about our wonderful Easter weekend celebrating with our families. 

On Saturday, we headed over to Jose's parents house for an egg hunt and Easter dinner. Ella was so excited to get all dressed up, hat and all, and hunt for eggs! I wasn't too sure if she would remember what to do, but as soon as we opened the door, we was off and running. Jose's sister and I "hid" the eggs and they were all pretty easy to find. Ella loved running around the yard, trying to find all of the eggs. Once found, she wanted us to keep hiding them so she could gather them up in her basket once more. It was so sweet. 

 We wrapped up our day with an amazing dinner prepared by Jose, his Mom, and Sis. It was a beautiful day.

On Easter Sunday, we headed over to my Mom and Cortie's house early and had a beautiful Easter brunch. After brunch, we had our traditional Easter hunt where all of us get to hunt for money filled eggs. It is always so fun. Of course we let the littles go first. Don't you worry! When it was the adults turn, Jose and I just stayed with Ella and helped her find her eggs. She found 10 eggs and they each had a dollar bill inside! She was pretty happy, although I think she was wondering where the Jelly beans were.

My Step brother Brandon found the golden 20 dollar bill egg which brought his total to $27.00 and my Nephews each earned more than $25.00! SO fun and they we both SO excited. We're going to have to step our our game next year! 

Here are a few more pics. I tried my best to capture Ella's excitement, but this girl is fast and NEVER stops. I finally put my camera down and enjoyed the day with my amazing family.

Ella was so beat and ALMOST made it home before falling asleep. You can even still see the gaga in her hand. We really pushed her nap! 

Easter is so special to me for so many reasons. Especially for the meaning it holds. We had such a special weekend with our families. I sure hope you did too!

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  1. Oh, that white dress and hat... She is TOO perfect for words!