Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My (Very) Easy DIY Project

I have been dying to find a cute bow holder for all of Ella's bows and just haven't been able to settle on one. I feel like I search Etsy all the time and see so many cute ones, but I find that they are just too pricey for something I could make myself. So..... I decided I'd give it a try! 

Most of the bow holders I've seen would hold about a 1/3 of Ella's bows. As you've probably noticed in her pictures, I always love for Ella to have a bow in her hair. It's usually just something small, like a clip, bow, or flower. I feel like the huge bows overpower her sweet face, but she will probably be sporting those once her little head grows a bit. I love a cute headband, and she has more than I can count, but this little miss wants nothing to do with them. I have to sneak the bow in her hair as it is. It's been this way since the beginning, but have no fear, I'm not giving up!!

Back to my project. I decided I would make a bow frame, and thought adding some chicken wire to the back would be just perfect and super easy. My original thought was to do the chicken wire, then place a cute fabric underneath for some color(I still may do this), but I realized I'd be placing it on one of her pink walls(two are pink and two are white), and all the bows would cover the fabric anyway. So, all I really needed was a white frame, chicken wire, wire cutters, a staple gun, and a very sweet hubs who would be willing to help! 

Now I was hoping to find a cute and inexpensive white frame somewhere, but after looking several places, I settled on a frame(16x20) at Michaels that was 50% off. It was still about $24.00 dollars(way more than I anticipated), but it worked. Jose, Ella, and I headed to Lowe's to find the chicken wire (it was $12.99 for a huge roll) and a pack of staples for my staple gun. Jose had the wire cutters at home already, so we were all set! 

Ella LOVES helping Jose with jobs around the house, and she especially loves his tools. So she was very eager to help her Da with the frame. Jose did most of the work actually, I just helped hold down the chicken wire and stapled it to the frame. He then cut the edges and hammered in the staples so they were flat. So, I guess you need a hammer too if you are a perfectionist like my hubs!

It turned out super cute. The pics don't really do it justice, but we love it and it holds many of her bows. She still has all of her smaller bows in the pink jar and her headbands in the glass jar. I've realized we have enough bows to hold us over for awhile. I still might line the back with fabric, but for now we are very happy to have a home for all of Ella's bows!

Here are Ella and Jose getting out the necessary tools.

Ella was in the center of it all helping her Da. So cute!

The final product. This is as creative as I get folks!

As you can see, we did this several weeks ago. That should explain the eggs!

I could probably use about two more of these on the wall, but thought that may look a bit obnoxious. This will definitely work for now. 

What do you keep your daughters' bows on/in? I'd love some more ideas!


  1. This is adorable!! Nice work...Jose! ;) Riley has her bows in a drawer of her dresser--I found a cute office tray with dividers at michael's. it works for now since most of her bows are headbands. Love Ella's room!!

  2. Way to go Holl! I'm sure I'll be trying to copy-cat this project in no time. :) Love how it turned out!

  3. It's adorable!!! I love the idea. I'm boring and just clip them all to the top of the hanging canvas shelves in J's closet.

  4. I think Miss E is going to need that adorable DYI. Good work Mom and Dad!!! XXXX