Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We've Got a Chupe Problem

Someone sure does love her chupete, or chupe as we call it!

Ella has had a chupe since she came home from the hospital. I've never been too concerned with her attachment to it, until now! Lately, she has a hard time parting with it, and seems to always find one in her stash when I take it away. So, we are trying to only give it to her for sleep and in the car.  My hope is to be chupeless come summer. We'll see how this works out!

In the meantime, she has no problem giving it to us when we ask for it. 

Ella, can I have your chupe please?

¿Ella, me das tu chupe por favor?

But once she hands it over, she wants it right back! Let the whining ensue.

Sorry about the diaper shots. Little miss just had a diaper change, it was late, and we were sans bloomers. Don't worry, she never wears a dress without them!!

Here Mom. Oh wait, can I have it back now!

Any suggestions on how to make this transition a smooth one? We need all the help we can get!


  1. ohh this is in my future, i know it. but for now, i'll embrace the chup as loooong as i can. its been a fabulous new development over here. ;)

  2. We were "lucky" and both never wanted one but I have heard of the Paci Fairy. You put them under a pillow and then in the morning you get a gift. Or the baby throws them away because age is a big girl. Pinterest?!

  3. We took Dono's away cold turkey last summer and he never seemed to notice. I was so nervous he wouldn't sleep without it, but as with all things he adjusted quickly and now I can barely remember what it was like before. PS I am LOVING Ella's little dress. So darn cute!

  4. Well she looks cute with her nuk and giving it to you is super cute too! Madeline has never been into it, but if I give one to Theo she wants one too! Oh joy! Anyways love the post and Ella too!

  5. I wouldn't last a minute trying to take that away from her when she gives you that cute smile!!! We took them away from both girls around 5 or 6 months and they never noticed, but along with the suggestion above about the Paci Fairy, I've also heard of cutting the tip so it's no longer soothing for them to suck on. Or telling her that there is a new baby that was born that needs it. She is a big girl now and gets to pick out a big girl {toy, treat, etc} and she gets to donate her chupes to the baby. Pack them up and pretend to send them off in the mail.
    Good luck!!!