Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Brave Be

Well, today was the day! Ella Catherine had her Bilateral Tympanostomy with Tubes surgery at Children's hospital this morning. Gosh... her dad and I are so glad it's over! Ella was such a trooper and proved to be the strong, brave girl we always knew she was. Here's how it all went down!

We headed to the hospital at around 5:15, and arrived at about 6:00. Check in was at 6:20, and we were called in to preop at about 7:20. The process was actually super fast, and all the nurses we so sweet and caring. Ella was measured, weighed, her vitals were check, and we were then greeted by her ENT doctor. We love Dr. Benz and he is so loving towards our girl. Dr. Benz reexplained what he was going to do and said that the entire procedure would only take about 15 minutes. Ella was a little cranky at this point, and really wanted a bottle. She was not allowed any fluids and her last ba ba was at 6pm Wednesday night. Poor girl was thirsty! Once Dr. Benz was ready, Ella's anesthesiologist came in and was so great explaining everything they would do to prepare Ella for the surgery. Then, it was time. I was not allowed to go back with her because they find it more difficult to deal with the child. This was hard. Jose and I kissed our girl and handed her off to Dr. Benz. That's right, he carried her right in to surgery. I don't think she knew what hit her! Jose and I were then directed to a private waiting room where we waited for about 20 minutes. Dr. Benz came right in and said everything went perfectly smoothly and that she did beautifully. He said she laid right down on the table and was so good when the put the mask over her face for her meds. I was so glad to hear this! He said her left ear was filled with tons of icky junk. So bad that he had to suction it out before he could place her tube. He said it had been there awhile, and she will be so glad to finally hear. Poor girl hasn't been able to hear since November! He then handed us some drops and explained some home care directions. We will have another checkup with him in about 3 weeks.

We were then sent out to the waiting area, and we buzzed within 10 minutes because Ella had woken up. We rushed to recovery so she could be brought to us immediately. Oddly enough, this is when the tears came. When I saw her being carried in by the nurses, completely out of it, I lost it. Her eyes were open, but she was exhausted. When the nurse handed her over she said, "Oh my you've got a cuddle bunny on your hands." My response, "Not really!" I then held her for a good 15 minutes(this was so sweet) before she was ready to sit up and have some juice. They then took her vitals, and Dr. Benz came by again to see her and bring her a popsicle. This made her very happy. After about 20 more minutes she was discharged and we were on our way home. My Mom of course came down and greeted us as we were walking out. Ella was so happy to see her Gigi and I loved seeing her too. She is always so supportive and came down just to see her girls for a brief minute. We are so lucky.

Waiting for surgery with Da!

The gloves were a great distraction!

Let's do this people. I'm so thirsty and need a drink! (We all do at this point!)

Ahhhh, it's over and I can finally drink!

Mama isn't looking so hot, but here we are post surgery!

Thanks for the popsicle Dr. Benz!

Let's make some cupcakes Mom. I sure deserve it!

These last few months have been extremely hard for Jose, Ella, and I. We have been in and out of the doctor and our poor girl has been on 5 rounds of antibiotics since late November. We are so happy to be done with this and hoping that with this surgery comes no more ear infections for our girl! 

We feel so blessed to have had so many friends and family members praying for Ella today. I cannot tell you how truly lucky I feel to have so many friends who called and text today to wish Ella good luck and tell us that she was in their thoughts and prayers. This is what helped me get through today. This is what gave me the strength to hand off Ella and trust that (as my dear friend Candy said) GOD had her in his hands. It means so much to me to have these special people in our lives. 

Thank you for everyone who thought about Ella, Jose, and I today. I'm so ready for a restful night of sleep tonight. 


  1. Oh gosh I started crying when the doctor carried her away!! I had the same surgery twice and I remember the nurses taking me from my mom. :( my first memory at 3! I hope this works for Ella!!! She is so cute even when cranky/hungry!

  2. Yes....there were prayers being said for ALL of you. Oh so glad this is behind you. Relax and enjoy this weekend all deserve it!!! Lovely that it is rainy and cold. Perfect cuddle weather for you and your very brave patient. XXX

  3. She's such a brave little be! So glad it's behind you and now all of the great results are ahead. What a relief. Enjoy the weekend with your beautiful family. You guys sure deserve some relaxation time.