Monday, February 18, 2013

We are so lucky . . . . .

to live in sunny San Diego! This weekend has been picture perfect amazing and we have soaked up every minute of our beautiful and warm So Cal weather. Here's our weekend recap.

I was off Friday(and Monday too! Thank you president's weekend) so my Sis and I decided to meet up at Kit Carson park and let the kids play. I haven't seen my nephews in what seems like forever, so it was so nice to see my boys. Ella loves her cousins and couldn't wait to give them their Valentine's and play, play, play. We love this park because it has great play structures, a beautiful maze area, and even a huge pond to feed the ducks. We arrived at 9, and Ella and the boys played hard until 10:30. I know I have said this before, but they play so well together. She keeps up with them and they take such sweet care of their prima. 

 Saturday was so beautiful out so we headed down to Moonlight State Beach after Ella's nap for some much needed fun in the sun. We spent some time on the sand, then headed to the playground. Ella loves parks and play structures, so she was right at home. 

Ella just adores her Da! Watching them together and seeing how much Jose loves her is the greatest joy I've ever known. He loves his be so much and would spend every second of his day with her if he could. I knew Jose would be a wonderful father, but I had no idea it would be this sweet!

At the top of the slide, Ella was trying to hold this little boys hand as they went down. It was so cute. He apparently thought otherwise. She is so social and active it kills me, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Ella's happy place. The swings!!

On Sunday, we spent the morning playing at Gigi's, then most of the afternoon playing outside at home and running errands as a family. Jose and I had a list of things we needed to do around the house(new shower head in master bath, fix our running and oh so annoying toilet, repot our plants on the patio, and Ella proof a few drawers in the kitchen that she can finally reach), so we headed to Lowe's and Target to get a few supplies. 

Ella was such a good helper with the plants, and also lent Da a hand with the other tasks. She certainly loves to help and tends to throws a fit when it's time to stop and clean up. We had a nice day at home and got tons accomplished.

I was off Monday, and Jose's Mom insisted on having Ella(Monday is her day for childcare). Mom and Dad Garcia absolutely love spending Mondays with Ella, and were sad to think they wouldn't see her for two weeks. So. . . .  I sent her on her way, and I had the day to organize, clean, and enjoy a movie with my Sis. We originally planned on seeing Safe Haven, but my Sis was rushing and so we decided to see Identify Theft instead. It was freakin hilarious! We were rolling in our seats. Such a funny movie and it was exactly what we needed. A good laugh! These days are much needed and I was so glad to see my Sis too. We don't get to spend as much time together as I'd like, and I miss her dearly during the week. It was the perfect day!

Well, there you have it! Weekends like this make it really hard to go back to work. How many days until Spring Break?

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  1. Identity Theft looks SO funny! Glad you had a nice weekend and could spend lots of time with your sweet little fam. Ella looks so cute in the beach and park pics!