Thursday, July 19, 2012

A VERY Pink Polka Dot Day

When it came time to begin thinking about Ella's first birthday party, I had all kinds of ideas in my mind, although I knew I needed(and wanted) to keep things in perspective and not go overboard. I began collecting things for her party several months in advance. I knew I wanted to have a pink polka dot theme, so all I needed to do was gather things up! Etsy became my best friend in the process, and I found many things and ideas there to incorporate into her party. We had a wonderful day, celebrating the life of a beautiful, sweet, happy little girl.
Here are a few shots from our day!

This is the entry when you walk in to my Mom's house. I decided long ago that each year at her party, I would have the guests sign a book with a message or wish for Ella. My plan is to find books with Ella's name in the title, and I'm so lucky because there are tons! I know this will be a special momentum for her when she is older. I absolutely love this story, and we call our girl Ella Bella too! Although I believe this is Bella(name) and we say Bella(in spanish meaning beautiful!) It was a perfect match.

My friend Megs gave me these adorable letters to redecorate for Ella's theme. They are from Paper Source and I LOVE them.Thanks for the idea Megs!

I also placed some different flavored pink lollipops for the kids/guests to take home, as well as envelopes for guests to address for their Thank You cards. 

 We decided to serve Mexican food for lunch and we had way too much food. We had shredded beef and chicken, all the fixings you could imagine, 4 different types of salsas, rolled tacos, nachos, beans, and rice! It was Mexican fiesta overload, but I think everyone enjoyed it!

For dessert I found this really neat Bake Pop pan, so my Mom and I tried it out. They're like cake pops, but without the icing inside. They were really good, put very labor intensive to make. Especially when it came time to ice them. We also made cupcakes, and a cute little smash cake for Ella. (You can see both in the background I hope!) We are definitely not experts when it comes to baking, but I think they all turned out really nice. Jose's sister Lourdes also brought some Bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes, so we had plenty of desserts too! As you can see, we like to eat!

 I made Ella a birthday banner of all her monthly photos! Everyone really enjoyed seeing how much she had changed month to month. I'm so glad I did this. I placed her year old pics on a table next to this with some balloons(not pictured!) You can see those pics in the below post! We also had

some pink birthday poms

and a fun pink polka dot birthday banner! 

 I wanted her chair to be special for the day, but as soon as I placed her in it, all she wanted to do was get out! She stayed in for about 5 seconds, and when it came time to sing happy birthday and do her smash cake, she about lost it. We tried to do presents too, and she wasn't having that either. I was super disappointed, but quickly got over it, and she enjoyed the rest of her day playing with her littles and swimming with Dada!

I tried to capture every detail of her party, but failed miserably! I even had my step brother Brandon take some photos for backup, and we still managed to miss things. I tried to have every possible thing pink. We had pink tubs for the drinks, I found some yummy pink adult cocktails, we had pink strawberry lemonade with pink polka dot straws, and I even placed pink polka dot guest napkins in the bathrooms for drying hands! How did I miss all that! Oh... I almost forgot. I even had pink polka dot pinwheels all over the backyard. Geesh, I really did screw up didn't I?

I think all that really matters is Ella had a wonderful party, celebrating with everyone she loves. So many family and friends came over to celebrate our special little girl. We are so lucky to have the support and love we have from our family and friends. It was the perfect day.

Happy Birthday to the cutest one year old I know! Mama and Da love you SO much.


  1. Every little detail of that party was perfection! I don't know how you'll ever top that one! The food, desserts, and drinks were so yummy. But nothing is sweeter that your little party girl. She was so, so cute! Love her and love you guys so much!

  2. Oh I loved seeing the pics...heard all about the incredible "PARTY" from Meghan!!! I don't think I am supposed to tell...but Donovan has a crush on your pretty girl. I fully understand and will continue to support him. They make such a cute couple (G)!!!
    Happy Birthday Ella Bella...and hugs to your very incredible party planner Momma. XXXX

  3. The party turned out so cute! Everything coordinated so well, I love all the decorations! And the picture if your sweet girl in her polka dot swimsuit is ADORABLE!