Monday, April 23, 2012

9 Months

Ella Catherine you are 9 Months Old!
(Well, she was on April 5th. I'm SUPER behind!)

This month has proved to be as exciting as ever. Our sweet girl is growing like a weed and has turned into little miss mobile. Ella had her 9 month check up on April 9th. Boy was I shocked when I heard her stats!
Here she is before we went inside. Poor thing had no idea what lied ahead.

Ella weighed in at 19 pounds and 8 ounces. This placed Ella in the 61% for weight.

Her head circumference was 44cm. This placed Ella in the 49%. Ready for the shocker? She was 30 inches long, placing her in the 91% for height! I swear she grew several inches in the last few weeks. 

After all of her measurements, our little be couldn't decide whether she was happy, sad, or mad. Check out her frowning face. I tend to make this exact face when I frown. It's pretty funny to see. 


 Shall I laugh or cry?

Thanks for my Nuk Mom. Know I'm a happy girl. Bring it on Doc!

Ella still LOVES her bath. Jose and Ella have the greatest time together each night. She is getting very adventurous with the water and is all over the place in the tub. Standing has been her favorite position lately. It freaks Mama out, out she has really good balance and blops herself right back down. 

 She loves splashing and even knows what it means. Jose says splash Ella and she immediately does it. It's so cute to see. 

She loves her ducky and gives her kisses all the time. She finally discovered that if she stands up using ducky, she can reach the faucet. This little girl is SO curious and loves exploring new things.

Ella has continued to be a wonderful eater. She loves to eat, and I have found that she is getting tired of baby food. I try to get a fruit and veggie pouch down for breakfast and lunch before she has her finger foods. She loves cheese, especially when I make her a grilled cheese or quesadilla. I haven't found a food she doesn't like. We feel so fortunate to have a good eater. I know how hard it can be when they're picky!!

Ella is very well behaved at restaurants, and loves to look around as she enjoys her lunch. On this particular day, we went to lunch with Grandma Cathy (she's in the background!) We love when we get a chance to have lunch together. I see many lunch dates in the coming months when school is out. I can't wait!

 Ella is a sippy cup pro. She loves straws and has no trouble slurping away. She still drinks 4/5 bottles a day, but she enjoys her water/juice in her cups. I purchased two different sizes and she is great with both. 

I mentioned above that she has turned into little miss mobile. What I should have said was little miss climber. Ella will rise to standing position on any surface she can, and has recently discovered climbing up onto things.  she raises her little legs and tries to push herself up. Luckily, everything in the house is child proofed so it prevents her from getting in to too much trouble. Jose had to place the second gate on the stairs downstairs. She has completely mastered climbing up the stairs and will go to them any chance she gets. We thought we better get it up before something horrible happened. It's so much better because now I'm not worried as she explores around downstairs. I know it's only a matter of time before she walks. Look out.

Ella has continued to learn many new things this month. We are so lucky to have my Mom come to the house on Wednesdays to watch Ella. Well, every Wednesday I come home, my Mom has taught Ella a new skill. It's pretty remarkable. She loves Patty Cake (Tortillitas para mama) and can't stop clapping her hands. My Mom also taught her peekaboo with her favorite blankey. She thinks it's the funniest thing. Thanks Mom! Ella loves spending time with her Grandma Catherine. 

I was a little concerned earlier in the month because Ella hadn't yet said any words. Well, a switch went off and she is chatting away. She says Papa, Dada, and Baba. I swear she says backpack too. It sounds just like it. When Dora's on I sing backpack, backpack, and she repeats me. Anytime I say it, she repeats it. If it isn't backpack, it sounds just like it! I'm still waiting for Mama, especially since she says Papa and Dada already. As you can imagine, Jose is one happy Papa/Dada. She really does love her Dada. 

I can also tell she recognizes TONS of words. Especially NO! She gets this little smile on her face when I say it. She actually listens pretty well and will stop what she is doing (for a few seconds anyway!) She also gets very vocal when she doesn't get her way. We'll have to see how this develops!

She has continued to sleep extremely well. She takes a morning and afternoon nap, both usually 1.5 - 2.0 hours and sleeps from about 7:30 p.m. until 5:45 a.m. I'd really love to get her to sleep in longer, but she is an earlier riser. I think this is how it is going to be for Ella. It least she wakes up happy and is ready to start her day.

Well, I think that's it. Sorry for the long post and overload of pics.  If you're still reading, here are some pics from our photo session. It was impossible to get a good shot. I finally gave up. She is ALL OVER THE PLACE. So, next month I think I may have to move her to the floor. Her rocking chair is getting way to dangerous. It's really hard to get mad and this sweet little face.

Mama and Dada love you so much Ella Catherine. Thank you for being the light of our lives. 


  1. She is cuter than ever! I am so in love with her little leggings in the picture with the sippy cup. What a beautiful girl.

  2. Ok so everytime I try to leave a comment I don't have any luck...lets hope this is the time I have luck!
    She is so cute in all of the pictures...I love all the facial hard to believe how fast they grow...give her some love from us!

  3. Oh my....such a girlie girl. What a fun post and a great way to remember ALL the details you think you will remember and then you sadly forget over the years. Hugs to you and your little MISS!!!!