Sunday, September 4, 2016

Kindergarten here I come!

I can't believe our sweet, little girl is off to Kinder. This was two years ago, on her first day of preschool! My how she's changed. 

First day in August 2015 / Last day in June 2016

 We spent the morning trying to get as many pics as possible. I never want to forget this time, spent at the most loving and supportive preschool. 

Ell and Dono started here together two years ago. Although they were never in the same class, I was so happy to see them together every day before school or out on the playground. A bonus was seeing Megs in the parking lot to chat as we were both off to work. 

Ella met two of her dear friends while attending preschool. Kaia and Ell spent two years together in the same class, and have such a tight bond. I know they will remain lifelong friends.

Emily and Ell also met her first year in the Koala class. Their little friendship continues to grow, and we are so grateful to have Emme and her Mom and Dad in our lives.

Ell had to say goodbye to Mrs. Carol and Mr. Mustache

and Mrs. Lupe too.

The week leading up to Ella's last day she had too many parties to count. The theme, Luau!

Then, it was time for graduation! 

They had the cutest performance where they sang songs they learned during the year. Of course Ell had no problem being on stage. We were all cracking up. Such a ham.

Our proud graduate!

Ms. Rachel and Mrs. Louisa

We were so lucky to have the BEST teachers.

We also had many wonderful friends and family to celebrate with. 

Micah and Ell spent two years together. SO sweet to see their little friendship grow.

Gigi came too, of course

Grandpa, Grandma, and Tia UU

And B, Roman, and the boys. 

We even celebrated at Ell's favorite restaurant, Islands!

We were blessed to spend two wonderful years, at the greatest preschool around. 

We'll miss you Mission Hills Church Preschool. 

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  1. I still look for you and your car every time I pull out of the parking lot! The picture of the four girlies is my fav! So, so cute. I wish they could all stay there forever.