Sunday, September 4, 2016


We decided to SURPRISE Ella with a trip to Disney for her 5th birthday. 

She had no idea, mostly because we went in May
(two months before her actual birthday) to avoid the summer crowds. 

I took a video of her coming downstairs, where she had a HUGE 5 balloon, lots of Mickey presents and treats, two new outfits, and this letter!

We arrived early, and were anxious to get to the park before it opened. 
Here we are waiting for our shuttle. 

Ears on and ready to go!

First stop, Matterhorn. 

 I felt awful during the entire Space Mountain ride. She was so scared, but powered through and came out with no tears and a smile. She was so brave!

Autopia time. Let's gooooooo Dad!

We saw Pluto in Toontown, but didn't see any other characters until we left!

Can't do Disney without a  yummy pretzel!

Finally reached 42 inches! I never thought she would, but she finally had a growth spurt. 

Waiting for Thunder Mountain, her favorite ride!!

We had the BEST day, and made it on most rides. Ella loves rides, and was up for anything, which makes any visit to an amusement park fun. 

There were more people than we expected, but we still made it on each ride in less than 30 minutes. We even managed to use several fast passes throughout the day. 

Her favorite rides were Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and The Jungle Cruise. We went on these rides multiple times. 

Her least favorite was Space Mountain and Matterhorn. Too dark and scary!

We decided to skip most of Fantasyland, which Ell didn't mind one bit.

This guy had fun too. So glad he was able to take the day off to spend with us.

On our way out we were greeted by our two favorites, Mickey & Minnie!

And that's a wrap! She didn't even make it out of the parking lot. Until next year!

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  1. I love seeing all of these pictures! I can't believe she went on all the big rides. I don't think Donovan would... Emmerson, probably. :) What great memories.