Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Magical Christmas

I don't even know where to begin. If I had to sum up our Christmas this year in one word, it would be MAGICAL. Ella loved EVERY SINGLE THING about Christmas this year. I can't believe what a difference a year makes. Jose and I loved watching every precious moment through her eyes, and I often times found myself just sitting back and soaking it all in. 

Here are some of my favorite moments.

Finding Our Perfect Christmas Tree

Ella was not in the best mood on this particular day, but once we picked out our tree and got it up inside, she was in love! She was such a good girl and helped decorate it with both lights and ornaments. She did struggle a bit with NOT touching the ornaments once they were up, but overall she did amazingly. Since I was little we have always gotten a Douglas Fur, but this year we decided on a Nobel Fur, and I was so happy with our choice. It was so fragrant and pretty. And it lived for almost the entire month!  

Gingerbread Houses with Titi

Ell became slightly obsessed with her little house, and insisted on carrying it everywhere. It finally expired a few days later. It's funny, she wouldn't even eat it. I would ask her for a piece, and she would say, No Mama. Can't eat. It was so cute!

Decorating Ell's Room

I always love to put up a few things in her room to make it festive. She loves it too. This year I found some really cute ornaments at Pottery Barn Kids. They fit perfectly on her hutch. I added a few other things too, but not all are pictured. She had a few reindeer on her dresser, and a very cute sign on her shelf, I just had a really hard time photographing it.

Christmas Art

I always love to do a few projects with Ell. These four were our favs!

Christmas Lights

Every morning I took Ell to Cori's(Titi), she would point out all the decorations and lights. She just loved it! So, one night we decided to cruise our surrounding neighborhoods and see some lights. This particular house has put on an incredible display for over 20 years. It's pretty neat! She was in heaven, and so were we!!

Christmas Eve Eve Eve

My Dad and Deb came in to town this year, so we decided to celebrate Christmas a few days early with my Mom and Cortie. We had a lovely day, and it felt just like Christmas. I've realized that it doesn't really matter what day you celebrate it on, as long as you are enjoying it with family.  That's all that really matters. Ell loves her cousins deeply, and had the best time running around with them all day. It was so sweet.

                                  Jose and I                                        Ella making snow(grass)angels
                             The cookie monster                          Jose celebrating a Chargers WIN!

  Me and my girl!

Ella LOVED the nativity this year. I was so thrilled. She would carry baby jesus around and give him kisses all day. My set at home is extremely fragile, and was the nativity I had when I was growing up, so…... she had to be very gentle. Well, let's just say one lamb had surgery, and a wise man nearly lost a body part. So, my Mom found the cutest set on Amazon for her to play with. I loved teaching her the true meaning of Christmas through books and the nativity this year, and I'm sure each year will get better! SO glad Gray joined in on the fun.

Present Time!

Best present ever from Gigi and Cortie. A car!

Ella and her cousin Everett. They were so cute together.

Christmas Eve

We spend Christmas Eve each year with Jose's family. We always look forward to it, especially because Irene makes the yummiest tamales ever!! Jose took Ella up early so I could do some last minute shopping, and she had a great time helping her Tia make cookies. Once I got there, it was dinner and present time! We had a lovely evening, and Ella is beyond spoiled by her Abuela, Abuelo, and Tia!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

That night, Jose and I got to work setting up the rest of Ella gifts, and I had some last minute wrapping to do. We were busy little elves! Here is a peak into our living room as I was walking up the stairs around midnight. I was so excited for Ella to see it all the next morning I could hardly sleep!

Christmas Morning

This video is the cutest to Jose and I. Her little head coming down the stairs just warms my heart. Love this sweet girl so much. Sorry for my annoying voice, I was excited!!

Christmas Morn from Holly Garcia on Vimeo.

This cracks me up because as soon as she opens it and sees Toy Story, she says, TOY STORY, TOY STORY!" In her sweetest, quietest voice she finally says tatoe head. Again, my voice!

Toy Story from Holly Garcia on Vimeo.

Christmas Afternoon

My Dad and Deb came over around 11:00, and it was so nice to have some time to catch up and visit. Later in the afternoon, we headed to the park for a few hours with B and the boys, and had a beautiful family dinner once we returned. The kids were all dying to open their presents, and Ella got her favorite Toy Story characters from her Papa Doug and Deb. She was in heaven(and still is!) The perfect gift for our girl.

My Dad and Deb stayed until the 27th, so we were able to spend some time together the next day. My Dad and I headed to our favorite lake in the morning, and Ella had a great time with her Papa Doug playing and feeding the ducks. It was a beautiful day! 

Being off these past few weeks from work have been amazing, and truly eye opening. I have realized that time is going by so quickly, and I want to be present in all moments with my girl. As we begin a new year, that is my goal and promise to both Jose and Ell. To be present. I am looking forward to our new year ahead, and cannot wait to see what lies ahead. 

Happy New Year my sweet friends and family! 2014 is going to be an amazing year! 

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  1. What a sweet post....and a heart full of memories. Happy New Year, and wishing you ALL the best. XXX

  2. LOVE this post! Magical is the perfect word to describe Christmas with kiddos this age. It's the best! Ella is so sweet. Love her to pieces.