Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Card Fun

When it came time to start thinking about taking a cute pic of Ella for our Christmas card, I immediately began to panic! We all know our track record when it comes to Ella and pictures. Well, let's just say things turned out exactly how I imagined. It was awful!! Here's a peak into our delightful photo session. I mean you just have to laugh, don't you?! 

This is reality my friends. The day in the life of a 2.5 year old. 

This was the first pic I snapped! You can tell already things are off to a GREAT start!

Very red eyes from crying. Cori and I decided to try and bribe her with a sucker. Well…. just one wasn't cutting it, and she wanted the whole bag. As you can imagine, she threw a complete fit when we tried to take it away. 

"I just want to play football with Mason Mom!"

"What do you mean you want the suckers back? No way Mom!"

Let's just say it went down hill from there. This one is my favorite! 

 Or maybe this one?

 Ok, getting a little better!


 Time to pout!

Oh wait, there's a smile. 

 Too blurry!

 Well, let's try some chocolate now. But wait! Now her mouth is full.

  Tried a new location, but it was back to hysterics!

So sad(but kinda funny too!)

Let's take a break!

And we have ourselves a keeper. It's the best I could do folks! Yes I know her jacket is a bit blurry, and her hair bow is totally awkward, but I knew it wasn't getting any better than this! 
It actually turned out super cute on our card. Good job be. We did it!

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  1. Hilarious and oh, so true. Every momma knows the painstaking process of these photo sessions we all try to attempt. Right there with you friend. Can't wait to see you guys soon. Miss you so much!!! PS She looks SO darn cute in the "winning" picture!