Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ella Catherine at 2.5 Years Old

How is it possible that we have a two and a half year old? I feel like I just gave birth to this sweet little bundle, and now I have a full blown little girl in front of me. Every day I am blown away by this peanut. She continues to learn and grow each day, and I am amazed at how quickly time is passing by. Here's what Ella is up to as of late!

Ella is a talking machine! She can now repeat anything we say(YIKES), and is speaking in complete thoughts and sentences. It has been so neat to watch. Jose is still trying his best to speak Spanish whenever he can, but I find myself  having to remind him often. It's hard for him to switch his brain into Spanish mode. She's so funny and will either say new words in Spanish or English. She understand all Spanish conversation and commands, but has elected to speak in English most of the time. Hopefully with time she'll get more and more comfortable speaking Spanish! I've noticed she definitely still speaks more at home, but is slowly becoming more oral when we are out and about. I can't get enough of her sweet little voice, and I am enjoying every chance I get to have conversations with Ell. It's so fun!

Ella wears size 2T shirts, dresses, and jammies, but 3T for pants. She is long, and needs the extra length. She's still in a size 7 shoe. It's funny, she had such big feet little, and now they haven't grown in months. She weights exactly 30 pounds, and her height is 37.5". She will sport a bow or hat any day of the week, but still refuses to wear a headband. This makes Mama very sad. Especially because I have SO many cute ones! Hopefully one day she'll change her mind!

Ella is an amazing sleeper and still takes one great nap a day, and sleeps through the night, every night. She is up now around 6/6:30, goes down for a nap around 12/12:30 and will nap for 2 hours. She will then go down for bed between 7 and 7:30. We are very, very lucky in the sleep department!

Eating is about the same. She's not a big eater, and still loves fruit(especially oranges and berries) and meat. She's not big on cheese, unless it's in a quesadilla! She'll eat veggies, and will try anything, but she just doesn't eat too much. It worried me at first, but now I know she'll eat when she needs to and if she's hungry. She drinks about 18 ounces of milk a day, and loves her juice, especially apple and cranberry. We always buy the Motts 40% less sugar juice and I mix it with water. It's perfect and she doesn't even know!

Yikes, where do I begin. The past few months have been so fun. Ell knows her ABC's and loves any app on her iPad that is associated with them. She would listen to the letter songs on repeat all day if she could, and sings right along. She can count to 13, but often skips 3 and 4. It's so funny. Her vocabulary is incredible, and her memory too. She can recount events like it's nobody business, which is so fun to listen to. She knows her colors and shapes too. As a teacher, watching her development has been fascinating. I cannot believe how much she learns each day. It's pretty remarkable. I can only imagine what it will be like when she goes to school. I can't wait!  

Favorite Toys and Activities( I'm going to list these!)

  • She still loves the park and any outdoor activity. We are always out and about and she loves being active. We love it too.
  • Ell loves to swim and we recently signed up for some swim lessons to get ready for summer. I want her safe and without her Puddle Jumper by July! We'll see how it goes. 
  • She's really into imaginative play. Being a doctor, going to the supermarket, and playing in her kitchen are a few of her favs.
  • She also loves to organize things(I wonder where she gets that!) She's always finding containers and placing certain objects inside. It's really cute. 
  • She loves her Dada's tools. As soon as he gets home she asks for them. He loves it, and they have a blast "fixing" things around the house. 
  • Ell loves trains and cars still. I love that she isn't too obsessed with girlie toys and will play with others too. Cori's son Mason has tons of Army toys, and she will sit there for hours playing with him. We now have a very strong looking Army man, helicopters, and a tank at home. I love it!!
  • She loves her scooter, and is really into skateboards too. This past week when I picked her up from Titi's, she had on the boys gloves, helmet, and was carrying their skateboard. She just watches the boys in awe when they skate. Cori and I love it, and any time she's ready to try, I'm all for it. 

Favorite Shows and Movies( I'm going to list these too!)

  • On Disney Junior her favorite is Mickey Mouse still, but she also loves Henry Hugglemonster and the new show Sheriff Callie's Wild West. There's a character Ella, and she loves hearing her name. SO cute! She also loves Special Agent Oso, and Little Einsteins. 
  • She still loves Tink and Toy Story, but recently became addicted to The Fox and the Hound. It was on about a month ago, and she requests in daily. It's so fun to watch with her, and see her excitement. She talks through the whole movie, and is so involved in the story. It's so amazing to see. I especially love the cuddle time before bed!

Ella is such a happy, sweet girl. She really is SO easy. She laughs constantly, and always has a smile on her sweet little face. The only time she gets upset is when she REALLY wants something she can't have, or when she wants to do something she isn't allowed to. Most of the time when we tell her no, she obeys and understands why, but there are those times when she doesn't want to take no for an answer. The only time she goes in timeout, which is about twice a week, is for throwing things in the house. We're pretty lucky!

Challenges: ( I'll list these too!)
  • In October, Ella began getting several bladder infections back to back. She was in pain with both, which was super sad for Jose and I. This concerned the doctor, so they decided to order an ultrasound to check her kidneys and bladder. I guess it's pretty standard if you have two or more back to back infections, but I was still a nervous wreck. She did beautifully, and I was so proud how she just laid there and followed directions from the tech. It took about 45 minutes to complete, and she was such a trooper throughout. Ell's pediatrician called the next day, and said that her kidneys looked great, but they found debris in her bladder and referred us to a urologist. What does debris in the bladder mean? Well, it means that she isn't completely emptying her bladder when urinating, which when continuously done, leaves debris, thus leading to infection. So, as you can imagine, this brought on some major issues with her going to the bathroom in the potty. She began going in her undies and was now assosiating going potty on the toilet with pain.  So, after three solid months of NO diapers, we had to put them back on. We were so bummed, and still are. She's had two more infections since, and I'm so worried about her complete fear of the potty now. When she does go on the potty, she says, "Mama I'm scared. Hold you." Which makes me so sad. We're going to try again during Spring Break, and if that doesn't go well, we'll try as soon as I get off of work for the summer. She'll be going to preschool next school year, and they require all students to me potty trained. We're hoping all goes well when we try again. Please pray that it does!
  • We are also having some major issues with Ell running into the street! Yes, you heard that right! It completely freaks me out! She's ran into the street twice, and if cars were to be coming either time she would've been hit! I completely freaked both times, and ran into the middle of the road as if my life depended on it. The problem is, we live in a townhouse, where when we get out of the car, she can easily go into the street. Jose and Ell constantly play outside our front door, and they run around our parking area all the time! We believe she is just getting confused with her direction, and looses track of where the street is. So, we've stopped playing out front, and hold her hand whenever we walk to the car. We've also taught her to freeze, and she doing a really good job. It also probably helped that I was crying hysterically both times, and completely scared her the second time. She just runs so fast I wasn't able to catch her. Obviously the second time she went straight into time out, and had a severe talking to. She wasn't happy, but we think it helped. Hoping it stops for good very soon.

I'm sure I've missed something, but that's it for now!

Our Dearest Ella Catherine,

     You continue to amaze your Dada and I each passing day. Your laughter and smile brighten each day, and we are in awe of how much joy and light you bring to our lives. We are so proud of you, and your continuous love for life and learning new things brings us so much happiness. We would be lost without Be. We love you!

                                                                     Te amo Be Be,
                                                                              Mama and Dada

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  1. Love her stylish clothes and accessories! She is a title doll. Think I've said this before...or a lot! And so smart! Sorry to read about her UTI issues :/ I hope she's better soon!