Monday, February 27, 2012

On the Mend. . . .

Well, it's been a rough weekend in the Garcia household. When I arrived home from work on Friday night, I began to feel very weak and had extreme body aches. I thought it was just signs of a tired (and still sick) mom who had a long week at work. While Ella and I played, my body rapidly began to shut down. Jose took over our nightly duties, and I curled up into bed and tried to get my body warm as I was experiencing teeth chattering chills! I thought I better get up and take some NyQuil. I was able to fall asleep, but only to wake up in a body drenched sweat, high fever, chills, and the worst body aches I have EVER felt! So, when I woke up on Saturday still in pretty bad shape, we thought I better head to Urgent Care to get checked out.

When I arrived, I was seen right away. My nurse took my temp (101), blood pressure(elevated), and pulse(125 bpm). Needless to say, my body was definitely fighting something. After a chest X-ray, it revealed I had Pnuemonia in my right lung. Not what I was expecting, but relieved I would finally be getting treated, and hoped to be feeling better very soon. I was given a shot and I promised to drink fluids so I didn't have to stay for and IV(which I probably should have!) So, on my way home I went, stopped by CVS for my two antibiotics, and went directly to bed. And that is where I stayed ALL day. My body was so exhausted.

Saturday night was ok, and after I ate a little something for breakfast and took my antibiotics, I felt like I was up for a few activities. I fed Ella breakfast, we played a little(I mostly layed on the couch while she crawled all around), and I even did some laundry. My Mom came by with some fruit for Ella that I needed, and she made us her famous chicken enchiladas for dinner. She knew I wouldn't be up for cooking, and Jose would starve! I'm so lucky to have her. She stayed to play with Ella while Jose rested, and when she left I decided I better go lay down. As I lay there, I immediatley knew I pushed it, and my body wasn't happy. So on came the fever and extreme chills, and back to Urgent Care we went. Jose came with me this time, and Ella's Abuela and Tia came to sit with Ella and put her down if we weren't home yet (it's 2:30). When we arrived it was super crowded, which meant a L O N G wait. When were finally called back, my vitals were about the same as Saturday, so I received another shot, and back home we went! Doctor said he wants me home until at least Wednesday, which is always so hard for me. I immediately began to cry. I always have so much to do at work and feel like I'm letting everyone down when I can't be there. AND to make it worse, I would miss a seminar I had already missed due to Ella having a cold in December! I felt like a loser. I called my principal and she was great(as always) and she said I was ridiculous, and that I needed to rest. I decided I would stay home Monday and Tuesday, and return to work Wednesday if I was feeling up to it.

Today, I have been resting all day. I haven't had much of an appetite, so I've been a little dizzy and very congested, but I feel better today. Still super exhausted, but I hope to feel even better tomorrow.

As I've been laying in bed the last several days, I can't stop thinking about how fortunate I am to have such a supporting and loving family. I've always known how lucky I was to have found Jose for a husband and have loved watching him as a father. He's stepped right in and has taken care of Ella and I without a single complaint. I keep hearing them laughting and having so much fun together. I love the bond thay are forming. This little girl sure does love her Daddy.

This has been the first time since becoming a Mom that I have felt this sick. It's very different when you have a little one to take care of. Doctor doesn't want me too close because pneumonia can be as contagious as the cold/flu. So, I've had to keep my distance and it's killing me. I can't wait to give her a big hug and kisses all over.

Exciting weekend, huh? I know this was a long post, but I needed to be vertical for a little while. I hope to be able to rest now, so I can watch Bach tonight. We'll see if I make it. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. Oh Hollie....this has to be so hard! Keep resting and get better so you can be better for everyone else...especially yourself! Oh and you are not a loser and you do an amazing job...they are lucky to have you!

  2. Oh my....take GOOD care of yourself. Never easy being sick when you are a MOM. XXX