Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where did you go October?

October seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye. 
We had a super busy month, filled with tons of fun. Here's a recap! 

Fire Station Open House

In early October, we headed up to our hometown and visited our local fire station for their annual Open House. Jose's parents live right across the street from the fire station, and Ella is completely obsessed with all the fire trucks as they drive by, and helicopters when they land. We were so excited to take her, and knew she would be in awe of everything up close. Well..... that's not exactly what happened! She was terrified of all the loud noises(notice her covering her ears) and she wanted nothing to do with any of the trucks. Ell wouldn't even sit in one for a pic! It was a total bust, however as soon as we left all she kept saying was fire truck and helicopter. Maybe we'll try again next year!

Here she is with her Dada, Abuelita, and Gigi. 

Halloween Art

I was so excited to do some art projects with Ell this year. The teacher in me just couldn't resist! She loved every minute of it, and was so excited that they were hanging up for the entire month.

Bates Nut Farm

A few weekends before Halloween, we headed out to a local pumpkin patch so Ella could pick out her pumpkin. This particular patch is super popular, so we decided to get there bright and early as soon as it opened to avoid the crowds. Well, turns out everyone had the same idea, and the parking lot was already completely packed at 8:45 in the morning. We weren't able to visit the petting area, ride the horses, or take a tractor ride because the lines were ridiculously long, and it was way too crowded. We did however have a great time picking out our pumpkins, and Ella loved running all around the pumpkin patch!!

Don't mind that our girl is wearing the SAME dress she wore last year! I probably tried on about five of her dresses and they were all too big. She is so petite and long. 

"Big pig Mama!"

A snow cone with Gigi!

And, I'm done!

Here she is helping her Dada carve, and Jose insisted on pumpkin seeds. Yum!

Halloween Night

As I've mentioned before, Ella is completely obsessed with Tinkerbell, so I thought it was only fitting to get her a Tink costume for Halloween. She loved it, and wore it several times before Halloween. She would ask for her Tink dress, and the minute I put it on, she would twirl around the room. It was so sweet. I found it on Etsy of course, and it was pure perfection(in my eyes).

My Mom(Gigi) came over to see Ella before we went Trick or Treating. I'm so glad my Mom gets to see Ella for all of these special holidays. She sure does love her Gigi!

Ella couldn't wait to get over to Dono and Emme's to begin the festivities. We have joined Meg and Dustin for Halloween since Ell was born. It is always so fun to see Dono and Ella together. They certainly do love each other. and Emme fits perfectly into the fix. I sure do love these three.

Here's Ella walking up to the door, and Dono answering. The look on his face makes my heart happy! 

Don''t mind how awful I look! It was along day.
How cute is sweet Emmerson and Dono the pirate? 

Heading out!

 Here we are at our first stop. We were so happy to stop by Jordan and Brynnlee's house first. Jenny was so sweet, and it was the perfect start to our night!

Meg and Dustin have a fabulous neighborhood, and all of the neighbors are out and having a blast. Ella was soaking it all in, and loved seeing all of the other kids. She kept stopping and saying, "Hi guys!" She also did so great with saying trick or treat, Happy Halloween, and giving her thank you's. She did however have a hard time comprehending that she was only allowed to grab one piece of candy. It was comical! That pumpkin didn't leave her arm the entire night, and let's just say it took a little prying and a few screams to remove it from her arm when we returned home. Poor Be kept saying, "NO! Pumpkin treats!" It broke our heart to take it from her! 

Holding her ears again! She hates loud noises! May have something to do with her tubes. 
The girl can hear EVERYTHING!



And that's a wrap! It was a whirlwind of a month, and I know the next few will be just the same. Hoping I can blog a bit more frequently, but we'll see. Being a full time ,working Mama is tough, and I still haven't found my balance this year. I'm working on it! 

Hope you all had a great October. This was our best yet!

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