Monday, November 12, 2012

GOD is SO Good!

Today we received GREAT news from J's oncologist. As most of you know, Justin receives an MRI every other month to check for any new growth in his brain. Well, today's MRI showed that not only had J's tumor not grown(it has shrunk to the size on an ink speck since surgery, radiation and two years of chemo) but it wasn't even visible! No visible tumor on his brain scan. Did you hear that? NO VISIBLE TUMOR!

For those of you who continue to pray for J, my Sis, and the boys, THANK YOU. Please continue to keep them in your hearts and prayers as J continues to fight and BEAT this disease. He has a long journey ahead, but I know with continued prayer and support, anything is possible!

I love you J! More than you possibly know.


  1. Your title says it all. That's amazing news Hollie!!! So happy to hear it.