Friday, July 14, 2017

Off to Middle School

At the beginning of June, my handsome nephew promoted to middle school. I still can't believe it!

My Sis and her BF Roman had a beautiful luncheon to celebrate, and it was a perfect day.

I mean, look how handsome he is!

My Sis and Gar. Such a proud Mama!

Gigi and Opa were there too! 
(Sorry Opa, wasn't able to snap your pic.)

Here he is getting his promotion certificate. Garin received all A's this year and was honored with the presidents award. So proud of him!

Ell was struggling this day from a double ear infection and strep, but was a trooper and determined to celebrate her cousin. It helped to have all her grandparents around to cheer her up!

My Dad and Deb flew down of course! We were all very excited to have them here. 

Gracie(my sister's boyfriends daughter) also promoted. Aren't they just so adorable!

Gar Bear,

I was so excited the day I became your Auntie, and you've made me so proud every single day since. Keep believing in your dreams, working hard, and being the amazing young man you are. I love you so much buddy!!

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  1. I can't believe he is so big, already! He has the very best Aunt in you, Holls.

    1. Thank you sweet friend. Pretty soon we'll have middle schoolers. Time is going by too quickly!