Monday, June 15, 2015

Our Very Special Day

Hello friends. I feel like this sad little blog on mine gets no attention these days. Counting down the days until summer, and SO looking forward to the extra time I'll have to do all the things I love.

Mother's Day was a super special day for our little family. Our sweet girl was dedicated! We had such a lovely day with our family and beloved friends. Jose and I both feel so lucky to have found a church that we love, and could not be more grateful for the connections we have already made with our new church family.

Our Mother's Day weekend started off great, with my Dad and Debs flying in from Park City to enjoy all the festivities. On Saturday, the flu hit Jose hard, and he was out for the count for the rest of their visit and MANY days after. Poor guy was barely standing the day of Ell's dedication, and all I kept saying was, "You only have to make it through a few minutes once we get to church. Just please make it through church." Poor thing couldn't even enjoy our celebration after our service and went straight home to bed.

We had a beautiful Mother's Day brunch after at my Mom and Cortie's. I loved sharing this special day with Ell and all of our family. I could not have asked for a more perfect day.

Our best friends are Ell's Godparent, and Ell was so excited to have her Auntie Cole(Nicole) and Juan there to stand by her side. We love you guys so much, and feel so honored to call you Ell's Godparents. 

My Sis and the boys came of course! Ell was beside herself to have "her boys" there.

Ell and Gigi

Ell's bestie Emily and her family came too. This was right after we picked them up from Sunday School. They are too cute together and I love how their little friendship continues to grow. 

The Garcia fam was there. SO much love for their Ella Catherine!

I decided to keep things simple and just add a few flowers around my Mom's house. I picked up some hydrangeas at our local flower shop and they were perfect! SO beautiful too. 

My Mom and I spent some time a few days before baking sugar cookies. Gosh it's a lot of work! My Mom has the perfect touch, and they were so yummy. I loved how they turned out.

Cortie, My Mom, and Ella

The whole afternoon would not have happened if my Mom and Cortie hadn't of opened up their home for everyone. I'm so incredibly lucky to have them and their constant support. This picture is so special!

Our day would not have been the same if my Dad and Deb weren't a part of it. They were able to visit for a few days, which I am so grateful for. Thank you both for being such an important part of our lives! It was such a memorable day for all of us. 

Ell's Grandma Great was there too, and her Uncle Larry and Aunt Tina. I hate that I wasn't able to get more pics of them! Ell was the cutest when she saw her Grandma Great. She ran up and gave her the sweetest hug. I think it made my Grandma pretty happy too! 

It's hard for me to put into words how much this day meant to me, and that so many people we love came to support us. Ell's journey with her heavenly Father has only just begun, and I feel so lucky to walk beside her in our faith. What a precious gift!

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