Sunday, November 23, 2014

Operation Christmas Child

This year, we were so excited to take part in Operation Christmas Child. I knew it would be a great learning experience for Ell, and I also love that we get to send some fun things to another sweet girl who desperately needs some extra love this holiday season.

We selected a toddler girl, from ages 2-4. Super simple for me since Ell is the same age, and I had the perfect little helper to pick out some gifts to give. I tried my best to explain to Ell that we were going to give all of our gifts to a little girl who really needed them. I also wanted her to know how important it is to share our love of Jesus with others. She was so excited, and loved helping me pick out all our goodies. I found a really cute Christmas box at Michaels, and boy did we fill it full. We were able to send off all the essentials for our new friend.

When It came time to put the My Little Pony and Santa coloring pack inside, the melt down began. I was so proud of her for pulling it together, and after lots of talking from Mom and Dada, she placed the items in the box. Such a great lesson for her. These moments are what it's all about. I pray she learns to have a generous heart, and always care about the needs of others. 

All set and ready to go.

We dropped our box off at church a few weeks ago, and Ell was so great. We walked it right up to the collection center and handed it off with a big, sweet smile on her face. My Mom had come to church with us, and it was so cute listening to her explain the box and who it was for. 
Melted Mama's heart for sure. 

This will definitely be a new tradition for us, and I am so happy to take part in such an amazing cause. It's SO amazing what a difference a small box can make in a child's life. 

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  1. this is an awesome organization and teaches the kids so much! J had the same reaction the first time we did this, also at 3! Ella is so mature! :)

  2. Love this! Teaching them to give from their heart to someone their own age… such a great lesson. Perfect way to start the season.