Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our Trip to Bates

This morning, we headed out super early to enjoy our yearly trip to Bates Nut Farm to visit the pumpkin patch and go pumpkin picking! Ell was so excited to go to the "pumpkin catch", and woke up around 5:30 asking if it was time to go yet! SO…. we headed out to breakfast and were there as soon as it opened to enjoy a fun filled morning at the farm!

We had such an awesome time, and were able to do so many fun things this year. We skipped the tractor ride because the line was insane, and also the corn maze since we did that last year. But, we had a chance to do so many other things that have been too crowded in the past. 

Ell was in HEAVEN!


We saw TONS of pumpkins!

Ell picked out three perfect pumpkins for us. We can't wait to carve them.

We visited the petting zoo to feed the goats, chickens, and pigs.

Waited in a very long line to ride the ponies!

" Let's go! I'm getting super frustrated Mama!"

Finally! Time to ride. 

She was obsessed with the slides. These pictures are the best! This sweet girl is fearless.

Lots of rides on Dada's shoulders!

And, just for fun, here's Ell each year we've visited the pumpkin patch since she was born. 
(Yes! She wore the same dress two years in a row! I LOVED it.) 

We had such a fun day today Ell. We love you so much, and cherish these special moments with you.

See you next year Bates!
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  1. How adorable! I want the dress that she's wearing this year! It's so cute… and the flower crown too! The only thing missing in these pictures is her beautiful Momma. :) Glad you guys had a fun day. xoxo

  2. love these and of course Ella is looking adorable as always! there's a little patch by us with a ton of jumpies so i think bates is out this year. don't remind them! xo