Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Morning of Fun!

This morning Ella and I headed over to her favorite little buddies house for a morning of fun. Ella just loves to play. Add a buddy to the mix and she is one happy little Be. Dono and Ella have been friends since they were born, and I have loved watching their little friendship evolve. They are just so sweet together and they get along so well. It also gives Megs and I a chance to catch up and visit. It doesn't get much better than that! 

Here are a few sweet picks from their morning. They just melt my heart!

Ella absolutely loves Dono's work bench. She heads right for it when she comes in the house. Maybe we should've gotten her one of these instead of her kitchen!

I brought over some coffee and a treat(lemon loaf) for the littles and they loved it!

Ella loves to give abrazos(hugs)! I was dying over how cute they were hugging today. This one is a keeper. Maybe we can duplicate it 15 years from now. Now that would be even cuter! And Dono's sweet little hands wrapped around her is just so precious. They are so sweet.

Megs and Dustin have the perfect little playroom in their garage. Ella was OBSESSED with the slide. Donovan was so gentle with her and he loved sharing all his fun toys with her. She is pretty lucky to have such a sweet friend!

They zoomed around outside for a bit

and played with some chalk of course!

After about 3 hours of playing hard, they decided to take a break while Auntie Megs made Ella and Dono lunch. Dono was having a very relaxing time until Ella invaded his space. You can see his excitement. We thought it was pretty sweet!

A lovely prayer before lunch.

And then it was time to go! Someone needed a nap desperatley(it was 1:00!) and was beginning to fall apart. Once we got home, she had a few more snacks, a quick bottle, and Be was off to bed. 

Thanks for such a wonderful day Megs and Dono. We love coming over and spending time with you both. Let's do it again soon!!


  1. These pictures make me laugh. They are SO sweet together. But let's be honest... Dono devoured ALL the snacks you brought for Donovan and ELLA to share. Oops. We owe you one. :) Love you guys and absolutely loved spending the day with you both.

  2. time this Oma wants to be invited so she can spend time with both of those cuties!!! That photo of the two of them hugging is BEYOND priceless!!!!
    I am so glad you girls have the support of one another, and the bitty ones enjoy their time together. All very precious and memorable.
    Thanks too for the sweet note on my blog. AHHHHH.....your kind praises make me blush!!!! Happy Easter to your sweet family. I know it will be joyous!!!! XXXX