Sunday, October 21, 2012

Then and Now

Today I realized how much Ella's room has changed since she was a little be. This weekend, Jose and I decided it was time to make a few additional changes. Our little Miss has been CRAZY on her changing table. She is long enough now that she almost touches both sides with her head and feet. She also always tries to stand, and she climbs all over grabbing any and everything she can get to. So, we took it down and added the shelf to complete the look!

Before ~ With changing pad

After ~ Without pad and added shelf

Jose and I also decided to take her bumper out of her crib. This was a tough decision for me, but she is just SO active in her crib, that I have to retie it every time she gets up because she has completely disassembled it. It was time. Her crib looks so boring bare now, but I think it's going to be much safer and I won't worry so much during the night. I'm also very excited about how easy it will be to change her crib sheet. Such a pain every week.  Hopefully Ella adjusts quickly. Tonight may be interesting!

Before ~ With bumper

After ~ Without bumper

I also added a few things to her room. I purchased Ella an adorable growth chart from Paper Coterie several weeks ago and finally had a chance to put it up. Ella loves it, and is always looking at it when she enters her room. I think it was a really cute touch. Now I just need to measure her!

I was able to rearrange some things because of the added shelf on her hutch. This I was very happy about. I just need to figure out what I want to place where. I don't want to add to much because then it turns into clutter. We'll see what happens. For now, I have more room for her books and hair bows. That works for me!

Before ~ You can clearly see the clutter!

After ~ Less clutter. I need to add pic to frame!

All of these changes were really hard for me. It means our little baby girl is growing up. She is turning into such a big girl. How does this happen? Where have the last 16 months gone?

I have a few other changes to make, but for now, I think that will be it until it's toddler bed time. Now that is too sad for me to think about!!

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  1. Love this! I always liked rearranging as Dono got to the next stage. It seems like there's less and less "stuff" sitting around as they get older. I need to see Miss Ella SOON!